Large projects at crucial second step

By Stephanie Choate

Observer staff

Two large projects are seeking a green light in the next step of the town’s development approval process.

The annual growth management meeting is set for March 22 at 7 p.m. Acquiring allocation through the system is a key part of the approval process.

While there are only a handful of projects on the agenda, there are hundreds of units of allocation on the table.

Developers of two large projects within the town’s designated growth center—the area of Taft Corners where the town encourages development—are seeking more than 300 units of allocation combined.

The Development Review Board’s annual growth management review—held just once a year—is the second step in the process to gain approval to build new homes or dwelling units in Williston.

Projects must first go through a pre-application review. Landowners and developers then compete for building allocation for a limited number of units in town. The system is set up to ensure that growth does not outpace infrastructure, and it encourages development in the Taft Corners growth center.

Major development Cottonwood Crossing, which drew large crowds during two pre-application meetings last fall, is on the agenda. Developers are seeking 178 units of allocation for the large mixed-use project on Route 2, in the location of the former Williston Driving Range.

Along with the dwelling units, plans call for approximately 68,500 square feet of commercial space on the 17-acre parcel.

Leaders of Finney Crossing—the massive development at Taft Corners, just north of Maple Tree Place—are seeking 177 units of allocation. When finished, the mixed-use residential and commercial project will span a 107-acre parcel.

Chris Snyder of Snyder Custom Homes is seeking 35 units of allocation for a proposed residential development on North Williston Road, on land owned by Alden and Phoebe Bryan. The location is outside of the growth center, in the residential zoning district. Snyder received allocation last year, spread out over seven years. This time, he is seeking a faster allocation schedule for those 35 units.

In addition, Shawn Handy is seeking one unit of allocation in the agricultural zoning district, at 3020 South Road.