Lake Iroquois Ice Out contest re-opens for new year

Last year it was March 27, at 1:41 p.m. to be exact. 

That’s when the ice on Lake Iroquois gave way for the season. 

This year, the Lake Iroquois Association is renewing its Ice Out Challenge for a second year, inviting people to buy $1 tickets for a chance to guess when the ice will break this spring. The winner will win half of the ticket sale profits. 

The remaining profits will go toward expanding the summer greeter program at the lake, which educates boaters about best practices to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species.

“With boating traffic on the lake growing, the need to have greeters on duty for more hours has become necessary,” Lake Iroquois Association President Shannon Kelly said.

Ice Out tickets are available until March 1 at A pallet will be placed on the ice with a cinderblock on top, connected by a line to a clock on shore. When the pallet and cinderblock sinks, the line will pull the clock stopped, marking the ice out time. The contestant with the closest guess will win the cash prize. 

To help with your guess, check out the record of ice out dates dating back to 1987 at