Kids share their invention ideas

Evan’s Invention

By Evan Turner 

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I could have an invention, it would be called the Waste-Away 5000. It would be used for picking up all the litter in Vermont. It could go underwater and find all the trash. It could fly into the sky and suck up the pollution from cars and buildings. Also, it has built-in radar that shows where all the trash is so it can just go over to it and suck it up into its trash bags that never fill up so it always has room for more. This could help the environment and the ocean a lot because when I am outside I usually see 10 to 20 pieces of trash on the ground. This invention could move on from Vermont, to other states and then it could encourage the country and then the world. If this happened, it could influence the world and encourage them to not litter and pollute the air.


Talk to Animals

By Caleb Martin

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I could invent anything, I would invent a translator so we can talk to animals. This would help us because scientists would be able to understand what the animals were saying. Everyone would be able to use it because you just click the animal’s button and then put on the headphones and hear what they are saying. Imagine going on a walk with your dog and having it strapped onto your back and hearing everything your dog says on that walk.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?


My Invention

By Nick Durieux

Williston Central School, Grade 7

The invention that I think would be useful would be an alarm system that will keep thieves or robbers away. This system would be set up in your house, and every time someone was detected by motion sensors, the system would beam out bright flashing lights, and spew out sound to both scare away the robber and wake the homeowner(s). The purpose of this invention is to keep your house safe from robbers. Most security systems would just use sound, but light makes them visible to other houses to see as well as those in the house. To make this energy efficient, they would be powered only by solar panels and solar batteries to collect and store the energy. To avoid this from detecting animals, the sensors would only detect large objects like humans. To do this, I would need large lights, sirens, solar panels, solar batteries, a security system panel to turn it on and off, and motion sensors. That is what my invention would be if I had the ability for my invention to be something people used.


Portal Invention

By Allie Zouck

Williston Central School, Grade 5

If I could invent anything I wanted, it would probably be some sort of portal. It would be able to transport you, your family and your things anywhere you want in just a few seconds.

It would help everyone who has one, because it would get them where they want to go quickly and easily. I do not think anyone would get hurt if it is built correctly, except airline companies. It would be basically a room, but next to the door leading in, there would be a keyboard where you type where you want to go. Then you would just step in with your family and in a few seconds you would be where you wanted to go. It would be powered by batteries.

That is what I would invent if I could invent anything I wanted.


My Invention

By James Schmidt

Williston Central School, Grade 5

My invention is called the Sleepet. It is a whole body blanket that consists of a sheet, a comforter, a fleece blanket, a built-in pillow, a snack and drink pouch. I thought of it because sometimes in the middle of the night all my blankets fall off and the Sleepet goes over your whole body and will never fall off. Another good reason for the Sleepet is that when you need to get up and get something, you will not have to take it off to walk because it stays in place. That is the invention I would make if I could.

P.S. It is not a Snuggie!!!!


Nick Invention

By Nicolas Petrunich

Williston Central School, Grade 6

I think an automatic dresser would be a very cool invention. This would be cool for many reasons. If you were making breakfast the dresser would take the clothes you wanted out and it would sort the clothes you threw in it. There would be a touchscreen, which would have all the clothes you have in the dresser displayed on the screen. You could pick the clothes out on the touchscreen and it would take them out and lay them on your bed neatly. Another cool feature of this invention would be that you could throw random clothes in it and it would organize the clothes into the right drawers. I think the average working person would use this device so they would not have to take much time to get dressed and could get to work earlier.


Ski Goggle Lens Wipers

Noah Lemieux

Williston Central School, Grade 6

I would invent ski goggle lens wipers, because my goggles and a lot of other people’s goggles get fogged up. If you had goggle wipers that would never happen again. The skiers and riders would use them. This invention would have two windshield wipers that would go up and down from the top to bottom of the goggles.


If I Could Invent Something

By Nick Pratico

Williston Central School, Grade 5

If I could invent something, it would be a baseball collector. After you hit the ball with a bat you go to the ball and put the hole by the ball and it sucks it up. Why would I invent this thing? Ages from five to 75 can play baseball. Sometimes 75 year olds can’t bend down; it would hurt them.

My invention also holds bats and gloves. Next, it’s light. Those are just a couple of reasons why I’d invent a baseball collector.


My Invention

By Olivia Yandow

Williston Central School, Grade 5

If I could make an invention it would be a computer/phone/robot. Its uses are that you can call on it and you can research on it. It would help people in offices. So, if you had to get a call and you were doing a program you could do both. That is my invention.


Shayla’s Invention

Shayla Lawrence

Williston Central School, Grade 6 

I would invent a remote that does not need batteries. One reason I would invent it is my dad is a cable guy and he gets calls about the remote not working. Most of the time the remote needs new batteries. Also, some people may not be able to get batteries because they cannot afford them. Another reason to make a battery-less remote is over time a remote can corrode and the batteries can become dangerous. A battery-less remote would be a good thing.