Kids plan their businesses

If you opened your own business, what kind of business would it be?

My New Business

By Shane Gorman

Grade 6

I would make a kid day care and fun park. You could drop off your kid and he could have fun like at preschool. There will also be a room that the older kids could play in where there would be a trampoline and other cool stuff. There’s so many ways to make money. Kids could have birthday parties here and there would be an admission charge to play in the park. There could be a foam ball pit and a rope and a basketball and dodgeball court with trampolines in the game room. Then if old kids don’t like it they can play paintball and airsoft on the trampolines. There will also be a restaurant where kids could relax. The restaurant would be called the Gorman Bar and Grill. It would have a Dairy Queen next to it. The ice cream would be made by Ethan and his farm’s milk. It would very much help the economy a lot and bring new visitors to Williston. It would get kids off the couch and iPad and make them play. Then kids would be healthier. Even Vermont’s economy will become better. It will be a hot spot and I could add more and more stuff then make a chain of Gorman Trampoline Park and Restaurant. Once a year Ethan would sky dive into the park with no parachute.

My New Business

By Maya Phelan

Grade 6

If I opened my own business I would open my own Fashion Boutique. I would call it The World Of Fashion. I would have all the latest trends and it would be in Miami. I would live in a small house by the ocean and listen to the sound of the waves. I would open the boutique at 7 a.m. in case any stars stop by because of fashion emergencies. I would close at 9 p.m. so that if anyone needs to go to a party they can stop by and pick something up. On top of having all the latest trends I would also design my own fashion line. I would provide it in my store. I would hire people to help me around the boutique. I would have four floors. The first floor would have the latest trends and handbags. The second floor would have my clothing line and my handbags that I created. The third floor would be all mirrors and changing rooms. Then last but not least the fourth floor would be lots of cash registers. I would also try to expand my business to different places all around the world. I would like to open my first store in Paris, France. I would bring my dog Jasper with me for good luck.

My Dream Business

By Taaya Fisher 

Grade 7

If I could own my own business it would be an animal daycare and it would be called Paws Up daycare. At Paws Up you could bring your pets in, tell us how long you want them to stay, how much you want them to be fed, if you want them to get trimmed or have a bath, and how pampered you want them to be. I would make it a lot cheaper than most animal daycares because the cheaper it is, the more people you get for customers because it’s cheaper. The more animals we get, the more Paws Up daycares we can open and eventually hopefully we could open an animal sanctuary for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and rodents like hamsters, ferrets, mice and even chinchillas. One day I do plan to make my dream a reality. One day I plan to have Paws Up daycares all over the world saving millions of animals with the sanctuaries and saving people a lot of money with our low prices and great service. Hopefully someday I will look back on this and you will end up being able to bring your furry or scaly family pet to Paws Up daycare.

My Healthy Business

By Kaylee Garrison

Grade 7

If I could open my very own business it would be a place on health and nutrition, I would have my own building somewhere in Williston. I would want to have my own business for health nutrition because it will help people with their dieting and fitness. I believe being fit and healthy has much to do with your diet. So my business would help one of America’s biggest problems. I love helping people and I think that my business would be a huge help for people who need help with dieting and a better healthy lifestyle. In my business there would be a workout room for fitness and there will be personal trainers for people in there from my business. There would also be many rooms for patients to go see someone that works for my business for either a better diet plan or fitness. I believe my business would be a big help for many people. 


By Wylie Tharp

Grade 3

If I opened a business it would be a cupcake business. Because I love spending time with my mom and neighbor to make cupcakes. One time we made a cupcake with a ganache. I also like to taste other cupcakes. So, if I opened a business it would be a cupcake business.

Animal ride park

By Poppy Eaton

Grade 3

If I opened my own business it would be an animal ride park where you could bring your pet. There would be certain rides for certain animals. There would even be one for pet fishes, a slow teacup ride, and you could attach the fishbowl to something so it could be safe.

There would be bigger rides for dogs, puppies, and cats and kittens. The ride would be based on mini roller coasters! This is the business I would open.

New business

By Keegan O’Neil

Grade 3

If I opened a business it would be a business that helps homeless people by going out, talking to them, and helping them decide to come to a shelter. Then I would help them get a job.

Animal shelter

By Deanna Cardinal

Grade 4

If I could invent my own business it would be an animal shelter. It would be a non-kill animal shelter. No animal deserves to be killed except for our food (yum). Just because somebody can’t adopt an animal soon enough doesn’t mean you need to kill it. Lots of animals get brought to shelters because they were either abused, couldn’t be cared for any longer, or the people didn’t want the animal any longer.

The first reason is that I feel animal abuse is terrible. If you feel you can’t care for your animal any longer then bring it to a shelter where they will feed it, take good care of it, give it baths and once it is healthy give it a really good home where the people will love it and take good care of it.

The second reason is that I’ve always wanted to be a vet or somebody that helps animals, and that is why I would like to invent a no kill animal shelter.