Kids’ best April Fools’ Day jokes

The Best April Fools’ Day Joke Ever

By Benjamin Ladue

Grade 5

My dad’s birthday is on April Fools! That might tell you a hint of what is coming up.

Maranda, my stepmom, worked with me to make the best looking cardboard cake!

It had real frosting and stuff but the cake itself was colored in chocolate marker! I definitely thought this was going to be entertaining to watch. So when dad got home we surprised him and he did all the birthday things. For adults that is like talking and relaxing. The party went like any of his others, except for the cake. And then it was finally time for the cake, and he took the first slice and made a weird face and immediately spit it out. He saw the cardboard and laughed and when everyone was gone I ran and he chased after me. I knew he was going to get me for that. That is my best April Fools’ Day joke, and believe me, it was funny.

The Best April Fools’ Joke

By Tiferes Simcoe,

Grade 6

The best April Fools’ joke I have ever pulled is when my Dad, brother, mom and I were going to Canada. I woke up the morning of April Fools’ and we were driving to Canada. I wanted to pull a prank so I thought about it. Maybe I would ring the doorbell. Or I could pretend to throw up but I don’t know how to do that. I thought of many different things. But then I narrowed it down. I was going to prank my dad. So he knows it’s April Fools Day so I have to do something believable. Then I got it. As we are driving to Canada, I have to say something about his car. Then it hit me! I could say I was going to put my bag in the car and then I come back and say that his tire is flat. So I say that I’m going to put the stuff in the car. Then, I come back.

“ Um dad… well, your tire is flat…(gulp)” I say acting nervous.

“ Oh no, come on lets go check it out,” my dad said. So he got his boots, jacket and hat on.

“April Fools’!” I said as he opens the door. He was surprised and I was laughing. It was the best April Fools’ joke I have ever done. Can’t wait for this year.

The Best April Fools’

By William Bartley

Grade 5

The best April Fools’ prank I have ever done was last year. Last April Fools’ Day, I woke up early with my brother and we took some tape and taped the faucet where the water comes out. When my mom woke up she went to use the sink and next thing you know is she is drenched in water. Then, you know is there is payback coming from her. After school that day she had Oreos. We went to eat them, then realizing that the Oreo cream looked melted. Then my brother, Sam, my sister, Addie, and I asked why they were melted. My mom said that the Oreos were left in the car all day. Then we went to eat them and after we took one bite we all got mad at my mom because she took out the cream and put in toothpaste. My mom or dad probably ate the cream.

My Best Aprils’ Fool Joke

By Mikayla Roucoulet

Grade 6

The best April Fools’ Day joke I have ever pulled is the Oreo prank. The first step of the Oreo prank is you take the Oreo apart. The second step is you take the cream out of the Oreo. The third step is to get white toothpaste. The fourth step is to put the toothpaste on the Oreo. The fifth step it to put the Oreo back together. The last step is to give someone the toothpaste Oreo. I gave one Oreo to my mom. I gave one Oreo to my mom. I gave one Oreo to my stepdad, Chris. I left one Oreo normal so I could have an Oreo with them. So they wouldn’t think that I was playing a trick on them. Then we ate the Oreos. When they had a bite of their Oreos they said “This Oreo is gross, it tastes like toothpaste.” I said, “My Oreo tastes fine.” Then I said “April Fools I put toothpaste in the Oreos that you are eating.”

Best April Fools’ Joke

By Ethan Bessette

Grade 6

My best April Fools Day joke was sooo funny. We were at my house. It was a relative’s birthday so they stayed over for the night. I pulled out shaving cream sprayed it all over their faces put fake blood on it. Their were about seven of us in my house downstairs. I stepped out dressed up in a torn up Grimm Reaper costume put fake blood all over me. I got a PRETTY real-looking scythe and put fake blood on that too. I stepped next to one of my 18-year-old girl cousins. I let out a blood-curdling scream. EVERYBODY woke up screaming and yelling. I chased them all out of the house locked the door. I laughed so hard I could NOT stop laughing. It was so funny. Everybody was so mad at me, but it was worth it. I said “you should have seen your faces you were like aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” They said in almost unison “No we weren’t.” That was my best April Fools Day prank.