If you opened your own business, what would it be?

By Alexa Gillis

Grade 7


If I were to start my own business, I would want it to be a bakery. I would want it to be a bakery because I love to bake. Also, when I make treats, the people that eat them say that they are really good. One way that I would promote my bakery is by putting a huge sign up. Another way I would promote my bakery is by walking around where my bakery is and handing out treats. Maybe I would make a commercial or put ads up in local stores or in the newspaper. If I had my own bakery, I would sell cakes and the people ordering it could customize it. I would also sell different types of fudge. I would sell fudge because when I bring it in to school everyone loves it and it is gone within the first hour of school. This is why I would want to start a bakery.

Interior design

Chloe Snipes

Grade 8

If I opened up my own business it would be interior design. People could come to me at my shop and tell me what they are looking for. Then I could go to their house and look at what needs to be changed. My store would be filled with furniture and decor. I would take my client through the store to get a feel for what they like. Then it would be up to me to design their house. To promote my business I would start in the neighborhoods. This is where I am going to get the most business. I would have posters and signs everywhere. I would then take it a little bigger. I would go to local restaurants and stores with posters. My posters would explain what my business is about and I would have my information on them. That is what I would do if I opened my own business and how I would promote it.

Lawn mowing

Lucien Griffin

Grade 6

If I opened a business It would be a lawn mowing business. It seems like a popular job for my age. You can make a good amount of money before you work a real job. Also, some adults just like to see kids try to make money. One kid in my neighborhood makes lots of money mowing lawns, he seems to be pretty popular in that business because he has lots of customers. He is majoring in mechanics and he bought a broken down lawn mower and fixed it up and is now making top dollar. My dad is always telling me I should mow lawns, and I am going to start this year. I am going to charge $25 for one lawn, this includes the front and back lawn, and weed whacking. I think it would be a better way to buy my wants instead of using my monthly allowance. Also, there are some wants I have that allowance wouldn’t pay for. My dad has me mow my lawn for $5. That also isn’t going to get me to my wants. It is also good because if you have a push mower you get in a little bit of exercise. Also, you can make people’s life easier if they are older or not as mobile. It would be an upside because they might pay more to get the job done. Also it is just nice to do it for people who can’t. That is what business I would do.

A gym

Kelsey Davidson

Grade 6

If I owned a business it would be for gymnastics. Maybe a gym. Although it could also be a company for mats. It could be a company for leotards shorts and grips. Most likely I would open a gym. At that gym I could also sell leotards. My gym would be in Vermont or Florida. It would be called Flying High Vermont or Florida. I would have many levels. I would have team and rec. I could also do open gyms. I would need many coaches. I would also need to promote my gym. I could use signs. I could also get something in the paper. All kids all ages could come. Girls and boys. My leotards would be very colorful.

Hockey shop

Jackson White

Grade 5

I would open a hockey shop. Why I would open a hockey shop is because I like hockey. I would sell a lot of things. I would also sell hockey movies, like Miracle or something like that. What I would call this shop is Jackson’s Hockey Shop. And I would also repair gear. I would also sell jerseys and socks, also Long Jongs. Long Jongs are so your gear will not get you itchy. I would also sell old gear and sell used gear. For example, old goalie masks and old gloves. I will also sell goalie gear, like goalie masks and goalie pads, and goalie chest protectors, blockers and gloves. I will also sell street hockey stuff, For example rollerblades and street hockey balls. Also, I would sell pucks and street hockey nets. I hope to get this store opened.

Graphics designs and CGI

Alex Fox

Grade 5

If I were to have a business I would have a graphics designs and CGI (computer-generated imagery) business. I think that most people need good artists and that is what you could find with this business. Good, quality, hard-working artists that want to work in a creative business. We would provide art. We would also be an agent to help people find other art companies to do art for them. What you could do is call and we could connect people with artists from the area that they are in. The artist would pay us to have their name on the list of artist to call. If a client were in Williston for example, they would be connected to an artist in Williston.

One reason I would have a graphics business is I like graphics. I think that if I made drawings based on what people wanted, then I would get a lot of business. I could advertise my company by putting ads in the newspaper. Also, I could hand out business cards and I could advertise on social media. I think that it would be an easily promoted business. I think that doing CGI as well as graphic design would be a big selling point. I would have to go to school for animation to build my animation skills. I would also have to go to school for, business management, drawing, and graphic design. It is a lot to study, but it is what I really want to do.

Movie & comic store

By Aidan Walker

Grade 2

If I opened my own business, it would be about selling movies to people and selling comics. First, I would take a coding camp. Second, I’d code up my website with the skills I’ve gotten from coding camp. Third, I’d start my business! And, I’d like to start a business to help people find and buy the movies they want to watch, for a very low price! That’s why I want to open a business, to help people!