Homestead declaration reminder

Williston town officials are reminding residents to file their homestead declaration (Form HS-122) by the April 18 deadline. As of 2013, the form must be filed every year. The declaration can be filed with the Vermont income tax return or electronically at any time. For property tax purposes, a property is considered “nonresidential” until it is claimed as the owner’s “homestead.” A property owner must file a homestead declaration if the owner owns and occupies the property as his or her primary residence and is domiciled in Vermont. Owners of homestead property acquired as of April 1 must file by the April 18 deadline. Late filing will be accepted through Oct. 15, but a late filing penalty may apply.

For those seeking a property tax adjustment, Form HI-144, the Household Income Schedule, must be completed to determine eligibility. Generally, household incomes of $137,500 or more do not receive an adjustment. The maximum property tax adjustment is $8,000. Residents will not receive a property tax adjustment unless both a Form HS-122 (Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Adjustment Claim) and a Form HI-144 (Household Income Schedule) are filed.

For more information, visit or contact the Vermont Dept. of Taxes at 828-2865 or toll-free in Vermont at 866-828-2865.

Selectboard meetings change day

Beginning in April, Selectboard meetings will be held the first and third Tuesday of the month. They are currently held the first and third Monday. The change comes in order to accommodate member schedules.