HEALTH & WELLNESS: Willistonian promotes wellness through weight loss

Sean White

By Luke Baynes

Observer staff

There are three basic candidates for weight loss.

The first is the former high school or college athlete who misses the days when he or she could wash clothes or grate cheese on his abs and wants to get back into beach body form.

Then there’s the guy or gal who can no longer squeeze into that favorite pair of jeans and needs to shave a few inches off the waistline.

Lastly, there’s the legitimately obese person, whose weight loss is directly correlated to his life span.

Sean White, 32, falls into the second category, although his history of high cholesterol suggests the need for more than just shedding a few pounds.

“I’ve always had high triglycerides, fats and I’ve also had high (bad) cholesterol, which comes with poor eating, and low good cholesterol,” White said.

On July 28, White had blood work done. His triglyceride level was 295, his bad cholesterol was 247 and his good cholesterol was 29.

Five weeks later, after administering his new “Wellness for You” program, his triglycerides were holding steady at 119, his bad cholesterol was sitting at 115 and his good cholesterol was raised to 34.

“Wellness for You” is White’s brand name for his home-based business reselling Herbalife dietary supplements. He’s a walking advertisement for the product, crediting it for his loss of 18 pounds since July 28.

“The only way I can describe it is kind of like a spark plug in your car,” White said. “As your poor eating habits evolve, your cells kind of get dirty. They don’t allow (the absorption of) all the nutrients and vitamins and minerals into your body. So what this does is it goes through and does a cleansing.”

White used to be a six-pack a day guy—of soda. Now, a typical day finds him drinking a cup of herbal tea before heading out the door for his 7 to 3 job as a maintenance supervisor at a pharmaceutical company in St. Albans.

At 9 a.m., he has a protein shake, multivitamin, cell activator pill and another cup of herbal tea. At 10:30, he eats a protein bar. At noon, he has a protein shake, multivitamin and cell activator pill. At 2, he has a protein bar. After work, he eats a “colorful meal” with his wife and three children, usually featuring lean meat and vegetables.

White acknowledged that the program’s upfront cost—$120 for a month’s supply—might be a deterrent for some people. But he said his own grocery bill has decreased $25-$30 since starting the program.

“It may not be saving money, but the money is going toward a healthy alternative,” he said.

While White still hopes to lose an additional 20 pounds, he offered his loss of 18 pounds in five weeks as evidence that the program is effective.

“As I tell people, I hope they don’t see me as pushy when I’m talking to them,” he said. “I’m just excited because of (the results) I’ve seen.”

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