HEALTH & WELLNESS: Students get heart healthy

Grace Koutras (left) and Hailey Chase participated in the Jump Rope for Heart event at Williston Central School earlier this week. (Observer courtesy photo)
Grace Koutras (left) and Hailey Chase participated in the Jump Rope for Heart event at Williston Central School earlier this week. (Observer courtesy photo)

Jump Rope for Heart

By Jessica Klein and
Charlotte DeSantos

Williston Central School, Grade 4

Do you know how to jump rope? Have you ever tried to jump rope? Well, in the Williston Central School gym we are making an attempt to jump rope and all of that hard jump roping work is going to lead to The Jump Rope For Heart Program. In this article, you are going to learn about practicing jump rope, what Jump Rope For Heart is all about and the stations for getting ready for Jump Rope For Heart.

The way we are practicing for Jump Rope for Heart is doing it in gym. We have rotations that we go to. There is one that involves scooters. You have a scooter that you sit on, and it is basically tag with balls on a scooter.

The next rotation is the jump video. It teaches you different tricks that you can do with jump ropes. I have to say, the tricks that they teach you are really cool. After that you can practice the new tricks that you just learned. There are little cards that are laid out on the floor. They tell you how to do the moves. Then after you’re done with doing your awesome new moves, you move on to your next station.

This station has two choices, one is a stacking cups practice, and the other is trying to juggle scarves by throwing them up into the air and catching them like a cat. Moving on, you have a group that you jump rope with. The gym has really cool long jump ropes that one person holds one side, and the other holds the other side, and then there is a person in the middle of the rope. You count to three, and the holders on the side start spinning the rope.

Second to last, the station is partner jumping. There are lots of different jumping moves that you and your partner can do. Last but not least, Mrs. Kohlasch tests you on jumping backwards and forwards ten times.

Jump Rope For Heart is all about finding a cure for heart disease. We ask our parents to sign our permission slip that Ms. Oakes gave to us, and then we give it back to her. She gives us an envelope. The whole idea of the envelope is to collect money to help find cures for heart disease. We collect money by going around the neighborhood and collecting money only from people we know. We tell them the cause of the money-collecting and hopefully, they will give you money. Don’t forget, ask for checks only. You need to have your parents fill out the envelope before you hand it in to Ms. Oakes. Once you turn it in, you’re good!

Each year, so many kids participate (so do grown-ups, they chaperone) in Jump Rope For Heart. A ton of people love it. Next year, you should participate in Jump Rope For Heart. If you are in first grade and up, you just fill out the slip of paper that Mrs. Oakes gives to you, get it signed by a parent, and turn it right in to Mrs. Oakes or any of the gym teachers. Trust us, you’ll love it!


Jump Rope for Heart

By Hailey Chase and
Grace Koutras 

Williston Central School, Grade 4

Do you ever feel like you’re in that jump rope mood? Even better, in the mood to save a life? How about doing both at the same time? That’s exactly what we do at Jump Rope for Heart! We participated in the 2013 Jump Rope for Heart. Jump Rope for Heart has two benefits: raising money to help save our friends with heart disease and helping our own heart by jump roping! And when it’s the day you jump, you get hours of endless jumping! Every year, Jump Rope for Heart is at one of our Williston schools.

Did you know there are more than 250 students raising money and participating in Jump Rope for Heart a year? This year, both the Williston schools raised over… $18,000! And that’s not even the best part because all the money goes to help people with heart disease!

Fourth grader, Madison Reagan says, “My favorite part of Jump Rope for Heart was collecting the money for people out there who have heart diseases.”

Third grader Jonas Hemmett says, “My favorite part was getting apples and oranges for a healthy snack to give me jumping energy.”

So what are you waiting for? Next year, send in a slip, go around your neighborhood, and help make a difference.

(But don’t forget to smile!)