Health dept. clears Williston Shaw’s after water shutdown

Shaw’s grocery store remained open last week despite a water main break that shut off running water for five days. 

An inquiry by the Vermont Department of Health found no operating license violations. 

Shaw’s spokeswoman Teresa Edington said water service was lost from last Tuesday through Saturday during repair work on the store’s main water line. 

Food production was shut down during that time. 

An off-site bathroom trailer was brought in for employees, and additional hand-washing and hand-sanitizing stations were set up in the store for employees and customers. The store brought in some products from neighboring Shaw’s stores, Edington said.

In social media posts, customers wrote of cleared-out meat and bakery shelves and some lamented that the store did not notify customers of the issue.

“We took precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all products sold in our store,” Edington said in an email to the Observer. She declined an interview request. 

The Town of Williston conducted a water quality test after water flow was restored on Saturday, Health Department spokesman Ben Truman said. 

As part of its review, health department officials from the Food and Lodging division interviewed the store’s director and director of food safety, he said.