Guest Columns

Delia Beaudry and Peyton Anderson
Delia Beaudry and Peyton Anderson


By Carly Laudenslager 

Grade 7

I think that music is something that kids should know more about. Yes, kids know about songs and artists of this day and age, but what about music from the 1900s or maybe even earlier? That music gets forgotten by this generation and it shouldn’t be. I bet if you asked a 10-year-old if they knew who the Ramones are, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac or 38 Special, they would look at you cross-eyed. They are all really great musicians, and kids should know about this stuff. But it’s not just musicians, what about the kinds of music? Yes, kids know what R&R is, but would they be able to tell the difference between Punk and Heavy Metal? Or Folk and Country? But then there is stuff even earlier than that. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, etc. It doesn’t hurt kids in any way to broaden their choices. Music is a wonderful thing and I think that kids should learn more about it. 

Why lunch and recess should be longer

By Grayson Moore

Grade 7

Lunch is the second most important meal of the day, and a much-needed social time for the children of our school, yet some kids have almost no time for it. Recess is a much-needed time to get energy out of our bodies so we aren’t wild, and so we are able to pay attention in the classroom, yet we don’t have enough time for it. The solution to these problems? Make these periods longer. A few minutes out of a few classes couldn’t really affect students in the long run, and there are many more advantages than disadvantages. 

Kids should exercise

By Claire Goldman

Grade 6

Kids should exercise for many reasons. From my experience exercising makes you feel good and is very fun. Exercising does not mean lifting heavy weights an hour a day, exercise can also mean playing sports, running around playing tag and even just scootering down the road! says that a logical reason for kids to exercise is it decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes. The CDC says that aerobic activity, muscle strengthening and bone strengthening are all helpful types of exercise for kids. Kids love to play sports and scooter and more, those are strengthening your body and you are exercising. says that only about 1/3 of American children participate in daily sports or exercise! More children should participate in activities like sports so they can get fit to. Even walking a dog helps!

In conclusion, exercising is very helpful and all kids should exercise! I know it may be hard to get exercising, but it is very important to try to get outside and have fun playing your favorite sports and running around with your dog! Exercise is important for kids and adults so get exercising!

Nap times in school 

By Jonah Roberts

Grade 7

We have an overall good school but there is one thing that I think our school day would benefit from, both the students and the teachers. This thing is nap time. A good 30 to 45 minute time in which we could rest and relax, and maybe catch up on some of the sleep we had lost from the early schedule. On a normal day, I have to get up around 7 o’clock to get ready. Lots of students get less sleep than me and I think our learning would benefit greatly from that time. Rest helps us learn better! 

Pro athletes are paid too much money

By Meagan Bruneau

Grade 6

Professional athletes are paid too much money. When you’re a professional athlete you might think you are getting paid the right amount or even not enough. But I don’t think athletes should be getting paid more money than the president of the U.S.A.

There are many professional athletes around the world that everyone loves to watch play games, it’s always so exciting, but have you ever thought about why athletes get paid so much money because to me they do. There are many jobs that include saving lives, helping the community, or being in charge to protect a country or state, but thing is, is that those people who are actually helping out and saving lives are getting paid a lot less than pro athletes who are just there playing games and entertaining people with them for a living. They really shouldn’t be getting paid as much as they do, and helpers with the community should be getting paid more than they really do now.

A longer summer break

By Declan Shea

Grade 4

I think kids should have a longer summer break so they have time to do all the things they want to do. If families visit people or go camping, kids don’t have time to play when they get back before school starts again.

I like to have family game nights and play outside. Sometimes I stay home and play with my puppy and my brothers. We play dodgeball, tag, board games, knee hockey or have a family movie night. With our puppy, we play fetch. Sometimes we go to a friend’s house and have a party and dinner. We play hide and seek and tag games like “Infection.”

We also like to go places. Sometimes we drive to our grandparent’s house in Connecticut. Every summer, we fly to visit our cousins in Iowa. Because these activities take a long time. I think summer break should be one month longer.


By Jagger Lehouiller

Grade 6

Have you ever wondered if kids should exercise? Well I think that kids should exercise, because one of my personal experiences is that I was really lazy, then I started exercising and taking boxing classes, doing parkour, and work out so that I maintain a healthy body. According to the gym teachers in Williston School District kids should get a lot of exercise just by even running for 20 minutes. Exercise actually improves children and adults sleep quantity and quality. It also makes kids have better self images and self esteem. Six to 19 percent of kids are obese in the U.S., that’s three times more than the 1960s. Doctors say that kids need to maintain good health and body features. They say that kids should also be active members in the sport community and that is why I think kids should exercise.


By Mira Rieley 

Grade 4

Poachers: evil, self-centered, mean people called poachers come out to the African savanna and kill thousands of innocent African animals every single year. Poachers kill up to 65,000 to 78,000 animals per year and that makes me really sad and insanely angry. So are you ready to help a little nine year old from Vermont rise against poachers and help protect our wildlife?! 

If we took the time and thought about what poachers are doing to our animals you would feel like “why does it have to be this way?” Angry and mad combined is what I feel about poachers. Poachers are also getting animals close to extinction. For example, the black rhino’s population is only 1,800 and that number is shrinking every single year. If the government knew about this I reckon they would do something about it because if they didn’t then I would so look out poachers I’m comin’ for you. 

Another animal is the African elephant that has been hunted by poachers for decades for its ivory tusks! Poachers often hunt with a rifle and a large pocket knife so they can shoot the animal from a long distance and the knife is for skinning the animal or cutting off the animas tusks or horns (usually they sell the skins or the ivory for a lot of money and try not to get caught while doing it). The most common animal poachers go after is either a rhinoceros or an elephant for the ivory in the elephant’s tusks or the rhinoceros horn. Also ivory is pretty expensive and people can sometimes make a good amount of money off it. 

Alright, I have told you all about what poachers do and what they do it for. And it’s bad that they do this to animals. So I went around my class and asked my classmates if they think it’s important to help stop and bring down poachers so they won’t kill any more animals. Almost all of my classmates said, “yes it is important” and that made me feel really happy that so many people care about our earth and animals. And that they think that poachers are destroying our animals and no one wants our animals hurt except maybe poachers. So choose my side and help me bring down these people down to the ground and remember, poachers may be powerful but with your support we can work together to do our best to stop and bring down poachers. So join me and help me get rid of poachers once and for all! 

Thank you, Amy

Kennedy Desautels

Grade 3

Dear Amy in the Front Office,

I know that you should be recognized more than you already are for many reasons. Like when I was sick you were keeping me company until my mom got there, and when mom was taking a long time to pick me up. 

The first reason is because I know that you have to make sure everyone in the school is in school, and if not call their parent/guardian and tell them about it and if they don’t know solve the mystery. 

I also know how you stay at school even during the after school programs. I can tell you do at least some behind the scene stuff, and you keep the whole school safe. You are always there for the us when we need to go home sick or our parent/guardian is taking a long time to pick us up. 

You’re way more important than you could ever imagine. You work so hard five out of seven days of your week! And to make sure the whole school is safe! I am so thankful that you do this. 

Your thankful friend, Kennedy


Kyle Marvin

Grade 4

In my opinion, Williston Central School needs lockers for many reasons.

One reason is that the hooks are too close together and people are complaining. You might be thinking, “How do you know people are complaining?” I know people are complaining because I did a survey and 10 out of 13 said yes and two people said maybe. 

My second reason is that people are complaining that other people’s backpacks are on top of others. Also people complain about the trash bags when people get lice. 

Desks instead of tables

Avery Hawkins

Grade 3

We should have desks instead of tables for many reasons. The first reason why we should have desks instead of tables is that we will have more privacy. Read on to learn more. The second reason why we should have desks is we will have less pencil issues because they will be in our desks. We will also have less name tag issues. 

We will take responsibility for messes. People also talk a lot at the tables and with the desks it will be more quiet because we will be spread out. If we make a liquid mess it will run through the cracks. And all the desks will be facing the Smart Board. People will also have more spaces to put their stuff. We can put our stuff in them too. And if you get desks we could work more independently. We could also have pencil boxes too. All of my classmates agree that we all should have desks instead of tables.

And now you know why we should have desks instead of tables. But here are two more reasons: People in this class are tired of the tables because there is not enough room. And the cubbies are too small. 

We need lockers

Sabrina Butler

Grade 3

Are you in a school that doesn’t have locker? Do you REALLY want lockers? And do you get squished? Well then you’re going to agree with me. I think we NEED lockers for many reasons, and let me tell you all about them. 

We would have MUCH more privacy, because we would have our own password so nobody could get in your lockers. And if your coat falls off the hook it does not get dirty, because it won’t fall on the ground it will fall in your locker and your locker will be clean unless you make your locker dirty. You won’t get squished as much if you have lockers. 

So that is why I think we should get lockers. 

Art two times a week

Makenna Patrick

Grade 4

I think that we should have art two times a week. Don’t you agree with me? In my opinion it goes by so fast. I love art and if we had more time we would be able to do a lot more. 

For an example, we do big projects. If we had more time they would get done quickly and we wouldn’t get rushed to finish our projects. Also we would be able to do more projects and I could do something I love for a longer period of time. 

Another reason we should have art two times a week is it could help us become more of an artist and help us focus and calm our minds because I seem to find art relaxing, how about you? Art was first made by cavemen. They used to do cave paintings on their walls and they used dirt or dust manufacturers. And some of their paintings are over 40,000 years old! Some scientists say that the paintings were used to communicate with each other and others think it was a way to scout the area. Next I will talk about the pictures on the walls. The pics cavemen would make were mostly hands or buffalo. We don’t know why the caveman drew the pictures but I think they did it for fun sometimes. 

I really think that we should have Art two times a week and my classmates agree with me. Sixteen out of 18 people in my class said that we should and I agree this is something that needs to happen now!

Shorter skis

Ari Diamond

Grade 4

I think that downhill skis need to be shorter because in crashes longer skis hurt people more. That’s why shorter skis should be used in downhill skiing.

Longer skis are faster and the event would be more exciting but on the other hand shorter skis would safer and there would be less crashes. Olympic racers test skis and if shorter skis were a choice I’m sure some safe racers would choose the shorter ski if it’s safer for racing downhill. The downhill skis would be shorter but for some of the same excitement of the original downhill the skis radius would be the same (the radius is the amount of time/length it takes to make a turn). 

A lot of the time injuries include broken bones and if your ski edges are sharp then it could tear through something and make a gash and again in the crash the longer skis would do more damage and the shorter skis would do less damage.

Destroying the rainforest

Asa Roberts

Grade 4

Does the human kind destroy animals’ habitat for no good reason? Apparently they do, because that’s what we’re doing to the gorillas, leopards and hundreds more animals who live in the rain forest! Here are some reasons why we should stop cutting the rainforest!

People have properties like accessories, (jewelry, watches and clothes) land (their yard and house) and rights (the right to vote, freedom…)! Well then why shouldn’t animals have properties? Some do, US! We are animals, we’re mammals. So why do we get to destroy the other animals’ habitats? You aren’t allowed to take a crane and a chainsaw and go cut someone’s house down for wood and farmland so why should we be able to do that to thousands of animals!? That is only one of many reasons that we should stop cutting the rainforest down! 

Another reason that we should stop cutting down the rainforest is that lots of our food comes from there. We get lots of our fruit and vegetables especially mangoes, bananas, star fruit, plantains, cocoa nuts and avocados. Lots of other things we eat or use for things like shampoo or jewelry. Also lots of research happens there about animals and plants! 

Those are only some of the reasons why we should stop cutting the rainforest down! Now, think to yourself “Why are humans so much better than all the other animals?” If you changed your mind to thinking that we aren’t so much better good for you.

Chromebooks Home

Kevin Lahiri, Grade 3

I think we should be able to take our Chromebooks home for three reasons. Firstly, on breaks and weekends (but only if you wanted to) we could do math and Spelling City (if you need to do that) more often. Secondly, we would have our own account and could get onto email and Biblionasium easier. Thirdly, we wouldn’t have to use our mom or dads computer if we wanted to do one of the things stated in Reason 2.

I think that we should do math and Spelling City more is one of the reasons because if you took our Chromebooks home, you’d be able to get to them easier. That is why I think that to do our work more, we should take our Chromebooks home.

Also we should have our own account at home on our Chromebooks. That could be done by taking our Chromebooks home. Like if you need to email your teacher, you wouldn’t have to log in. You’d just be there.

That is why I think we should take our Chromebooks home and do these reasons.