Guest Column11/6/08

Nov. 6, 2008


Down with Republican conservatism

By John M. Holland

Let’s make America a truly better place — not where just a few can live in security and peace, while the majority wears the Poverty Face. The face of I got no home; the face of I got no job; the face of innocents locked in a windowless cell; the face of the world’s oldest criminal, who tells the trusting citizen, “All is well.” He puts uniforms on innocent, ignorant youth and marches them into war and hell.

You show me six Republicans (ugh!) who say, “I am the best one, please choose me…” Business as usual, with the direction we’re all headed in. Anarchy! At the hands of tyranny.

The White House ones and all his friends are making war on a world and say, “We’re going to make the whole world ‘free,’ and we’ll do it,” they say, on the backs of the ones who pay their taxes, on the lives and bodies of the working poor.

Don’t be tricked, voters, you Republicans especially, it’s more of their lies to protect their selfish comfort zones. We’ve all known it since World War II ended: The corporate will is king, with all their puppet leaders. Especially you, Republicans. It’s “business as usual,” more of your smiling hypocrisy.

The other day I saw a film on Haiti about what “we,” Americans, do in other lands in the name of “business as usual.” It disgusted me; I felt ashamed. They support dictators backed by military regimes to make it safe for American-affiliated corporations.

You conservative Republicans, you steal the resources of other countries — as in Haiti, right from the people’s hands — in the name of dividends. And profit. And plush mansions on Vermont hills. Shame on you, Republicans. Why don’t you go and live in the lands you have stolen resources from?

Answer me this: Do you comfy, career politicians own plenty of stocks and bonds and have money from dividends, from tanks and weapons and arms? Do you justify the starved and dying children and old, victims of capitalism (your Republican capitalism) too numerous to count, like 4 million plus unemployed Haitians on their small, devastated island.

You see, dear fellow voter, it can’t be “business as usual” any more! We know too well the crimes worldwide (and at home in America) that are committed against the poor, the working class, the majority of us Americans of all races.

It’s time to shift the load, more equally balanced. You ones in power, you shameful, Republican conservatives have but one truth: You are selfish and you don’t care a damn about anyone but you and your family — who are just like you — and you don’t really want to share (a true democracy shares), do you?

You only want to be in office to ensure “business as usual.” For you, life is casual. Shame on us all, politicos and Democrats, too, who share the dreams of Republicans.

John M. Holland is a Williston resident.