Guest Column: Challenging students

By Vincent T. L. Meyer

Grade 4

Sometimes in life you feel lazy and you don’t want to work hard. Well I’ve learned that laziness doesn’t help you with anything, but hard work does. It might seem crazy but it’s true because hard work can be many good things; it can be fun, it can be full of metacognition, and it can be full of pride. On the other hand the only thing laziness can really get you is no work and boringness. Challenging students is important!

First of all, challenging students in school is important because you’re growing your brain while having fun. Just think about this… Everyone wants to be intelligent. Everyone wants to have fun. My point here is that by challenging students they’ll make mistakes, but these mistakes aren’t bad because you learn from them, and learning is fun! To be smart you have to learn, and to learn you have to make mistakes and you make mistakes when you’re challenged. In other words without challenges you won’t be able to get smarter and you will be missing out on some fun. Now you have to make the choice to risk the challenge to learn from mistakes or to hate mistakes and never try anything.

In addition to the first reason challenging students in school is also important because the harder you work the more you have to go into the learning pit (the learning pit is where you get very challenged and where you learn). To illustrate this point I went to the Learning Pit website and according to the official website , “The learning pit also helps with planning, reviewing and metacognition.” Every teacher’s and parent’s dream is that their students are planning, reviewing and doing metacognition. Honestly, as a student, putting effort in your learning is hard, but the more effort you put in the more knowledge will come out.

Above of all challenging students in school is important especially because you feel pride. One example of this is when I finish a continental math test (which are really hard); I feel proud of my hard work. Even though I might have had a couple of mistakes I still feel accomplished of my hard work. However after an easy math lesson I don’t feel that satisfied. Learning is all about how hard you work on it, but the feelings you have after you learn something are important too.

As you can see challenges are not simple. The complexness of challenges makes it a challenge. I’ll assure that sometimes in life you can’t think simple you have to think big. In other words, if you want to get challenged you’re going to have to push yourself to follow up with the challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re 100 years old or 3 years old, if you want a challenge it’s your choice if you’re going to have fun, metacognition, and pride during challenges. Each person have different challenges in life, in work, in school, but the way you think about hard tasks is the most important thing.