Guest Column (5/20/10)

Leash your pets

May 20, 2010

By Pamela Boutin-Adams

I have lived in Williston for more than 10 years and have been fortunate to be able to enjoy the bike path each day. I have to say, I wonder where most people’s common sense has gone. I guess you could say it has been on a long, long vacation!

The town of Williston has a leash law and every day it ceases to amaze me that people do not take it to apply to them. I really do not believe the town wrote this law to only apply to certain people, like the ones that say, “But my dog is friendly” or “I forgot my leash” or “My dog needs to run.” I have heard every possible excuse for not having a dog on a leash.

There are so many places that you could take your dog to let it run freely: behind Ben & Jerry’s, Patchen Road dog park, woods behind Lake Iroquois. Even do what I do — I take my guys to The Crate Escape once a week and they run and play all day long.

The bike path is for all to enjoy — kids, roller bladers, bikers, walkers, runners and, yes, even dog walkers. I have both of my dogs on leash at all times. I would not think of letting them run loose, yet every time I am at the park I see people open their car doors and let the dogs run loose with no regard to the town law. I do note that when I walk on the sidewalk in town, people do have their dogs on a leash. Those must be the common sense people.

Last fall, I walked at the park each day after having knee surgery; note I was without my dogs and walking with a cane and people were letting their dogs run up to me and almost knock me over. Like I said at the beginning, where is people’s common sense? This is a public park and bike path, not your personal dog-run-loose area, nor your dog poop area.

Now I won’t even get into all the dogs messes that are NOT picked up and the town does provide bags for us to do so. So come on people, please be considerate of other people and follow the laws of the town.


Pamela Boutin-Adams lives in Williston.