greenUp day WillistonIt’s the 46th anniversary of Green Up Day, a Vermont tradition that started in 1970 and continues as a unique local event. Thousands of volunteers come out throughout the state to remove litter and trash from Vermont’s roadways, waterways and public places. This year Green Up Day takes place on Saturday, May 7. To take place in the stewardship on a local level, get bags at the Williston Town Hall Annex from 8 a.m., and sign up for a route. Trash collected on Saturday may be left on the roadside, and will later be picked up and brought to the landfill by town Highway Department staff. Coffee, juice and snacks will be served at the sign-up spot.

Last year 200 Williston residents, area business and the local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts collected more than two tons of trash and 25 discarded tires.

For groups wishing to get an early start on the effort, bags will be available the week before along with a sign-up sheet and map at the Planning Department for people who want to reserve a spot of roadside to clean up. Filled bags can be dropped off at the white garage behind the Public Works office, 7878 Williston Road. Anyone interested in reserving a side of roadside can contact Conservation Planner Melinda Scott at 878-6704.


Connecting Youth in Chittenden South, now 20 years running, honored the 2016 Aw Shucks winners on April 11. Chea Evans, Katherine Riley, Bob Gurwicz and Tess Swett were given the honor, which is a way of thanking community volunteers for dedicating their time to supporting youth and families. “Aw Shucks” Awards Night was so named because it’s the kind of thing recipients say when they are told that they are being recognized.

In addition to the adult winners, youth winner Ben Recchia was also honored. For more information about Connecting Youth, contact Director Christine Lloyd-Newberry at or 383-1211.


The town of Williston invites residents to weigh in on their hopes and dreams and improvements for the village district in an open house and input session May 3 through 7. Each weekday and Saturday morning, the Town Hall Annex will be open for visitors to participate in Village Vision. Help the town’s planning and zoning staff kick off the village’s Master Plan process — the first one conducted since 1991. Master Plans help set priorities, and the town needs citizen input on what the village should look like in 20, or even 50 years. Williston wants to know what residents think of village traffic, local business offerings, historic preservation efforts and what new buildings ought to look like. Come by Tuesday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or on Green Up Day, May 7, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., to talk to town planners, check out local maps and enjoy refreshments and several interactive displays about the village. Questions about the open house, the survey or the Master Plan process can be directed to Matt Boulanger, senior planner at 878-6704 ext.3 or at