Friends of CVU seeks input

By Alice Brown

The Friends of CVU is a group of parents from Charlotte, Hinesburg, St. George, Shelburne and Williston who volunteer together to strengthen the links between community, teachers and CVU high school students. Over the years, the Friends of CVU has become mostly involved with parent education and with support of CVU teachers. We work with Connecting Youth to sponsor educational speakers and appropriate programs, which support community members, parents and students. The group also aims to support student clubs and activities with grants, made possible by CVU community donations.
What does the current Friends of CVU group do? This past year, we hosted the November dessert with the principal event, during which Principal Jeff Evans engaged parents with the latest news on how CVU continues to move forward. We ran a teacher and staff appreciation luncheon for the approximately 300 CVU employees, who very much appreciated the delicious special lunch! And we organized a breakfast for grad challenge presentation day in May, feeding close to 1,000 CVU seniors and juniors, parents and guests, teachers and staff and community panelists. It was a wonderful community celebration of our graduating students!
Where would Friends of CVU like to go in the future? In keeping with the mission of developing community, we hope to distribute an electronic directory of students’ home contact information this fall. We’d like to expand opportunities for the community to meet with our principal by adding a new event, Breakfast with the Principal, in the early spring, since many parents truly enjoy learning from CVU’s principal about the school’s direction. And we’d like to raise enough funds to support CVU’s students, particularly for class “extras” and special trips, which might otherwise be beyond the reach of some of our families.
The Friends of CVU would very much like to hear from you, our parents and community members. What would you like to see our high school’s parent support group achieve? Would you be interested in more parent outreach and education workshops and programs? Would you like to see community dinners at CVU? How about more scholarship support for students, perhaps for international trips? Please let us know your thoughts.
The Friends of CVU can be reached at
The CVU School Board would like the community to know of another great opportunity to become involved in the high school. Community input is greatly appreciated when the board is preparing the budget each winter. The “Budget Buddy” program, an opportunity for up to 11 community volunteers to participate in all budget meetings (December and January), is one way in which residents can learn more about how the CVU budget is developed and share suggestions, concerns and other valuable “outside” viewpoints. Please contact a school board representative to learn more.

Alice Brown is the co-chairwoman of Friends of CVU.