Flush with capacity, Selectboard allocates sewer for 2005-06

By Tom Gresham
Observer staff

The Selectboard, at its June 27 session, approved sewer allocations for the new fiscal year.

Under the new sewer ordinance that approved this spring, the Selectboard set an allocation for both the fiscal year and for each year through 2014-15, when the current capacity, which was bolstered by recently completed sewer plant expansion, is expected to be depleted. The board, however, can set a new annual allocation each year.

The allocations include 2,029 gallons per day of sewer capacity for new commercial and industrial projects, 1,080 gallons per day for new residential projects and 2,835 gallons per day for new affordable housing. There is also 1,500 gallons per day for residential additions and minor subdivisions.

The quantities anticipate that the Development Review Board will approve all of the residential units currently proposed within the area of town served by the municipal sewer system. The new municipal growth management regulations ensure that residential developers will receive the sewer capacity to support projects that they receive permission from the town to construct.

Also, developers do not have to obtain the sewer capacity for their entire project at the outset of construction. They can obtain it on an annual basis.

Larger amounts of sewer capacity are projected for new residential projects in future years, allowing for the construction of some of the large proposed projects currently in the municipal permitting process.

Speed limits set

The Selectboard approved amendments to the town traffic ordinance that included assuming ownership of a frequently traveled road.

The amendments included the town formally accepting Maple Tree Place Road as a municipal road and making the speed limit 25 mph.

In addition to providing access to the Maple Tree Place development, the road connects Vermont Route 2A to U.S. Route. Many motorists use the road to travel from Interstate 89 Exit 12 to the Village without going through the Taft Corners intersection.

Some public officials have commented over the past year that vehicles frequently exceed 25 mph when traveling on the stretch of Maple Tree Place Road that runs behind the development and in front of the Maple Tree Place housing development.

The amendments to the traffic ordinance also included the acceptance of Beartown Lane as a municipal road. It runs from South Road into a dead end.

Pay hiked for town employees

The Selectboard approved a 3 percent cost of living raise for the 2005-06 fiscal year, which started July 1, for all municipal non-union employees. Employees can also receive discretionary raises, which are determined by Town Manager Rick McGuire.

The town’s police officers are the only union employees. Their annual raises are included in their union contract with the town. The town and Williston Police Officers Association are currently negotiating a contract extension.