Flag football friends

Image #3 Spartans WR Soren Pelz-Walsh  and TE John Hamme talk strategy with their team.Observer courtesy photo

Castelton College players Soren Pelz-Walsh and John Hamme talk strategy with young players during a visit to the flag football program at Champlain Valley Union High. On March 6, nine members of the Castleton football team, along with Head Coach Tony Volpone and Defensive Coordinator Blaise Zambrano, headed to CVU to assist CVU Coach Mike Williams and JV Coach Rahn Fleming with their new flag football program. The free, co-ed program, is co- sponsored by the CSSU Buccaneers Youth Football team, and is presently in its fifth week. During these weekly hour and a half sessions, approximately 10 CVU football players volunteer their time and skills to help coach up to 60 local youths.

‘We knew when we started this that it would be a hit, but it has far exceeded our expectations,’ Williams said. ‘We have received nothing but positive feedback from the parents and based on the smiles, from the kids, too. Having the Castleton players and coaches with us this past weekend was terrific for everyone. My feeling is that the Spartans had as much, or more, fun as the Bucs did. Flag Football at CVU is an opportunity for us to continue to build our relationship with the Bucs; for the young players to think a little football in the off-season and to engage in a healthy, fun activity. ‘ CSSU Buccaneers coach Nick Michaud said, ‘I think the kids had a fantastic intimate opportunity to have fun with the college football players from Castleton State. The gym was full of energy and excitement from the presence of the Spartan players. ‘

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