Fire Log1/22/09

Jan. 22, 2009

Gas leak

Fire crews noticed a smell of gas in the air at a small construction site in Blair Park at 10:15 a.m. on Jan. 5. Already on scene doing pre-planning work with the site’s owners, crews investigated to find that all natural gas connections to the building were loose and leaking. Vermont Gas was called in to fix the problem.

Car accidents

•    A Toyota Camry, traveling on Mountain View Road, encountered a snowdrift and icy conditions and crashed into a telephone pole on Jan 7. Fire crews responded to the accident at 7:38 p.m. and found the driver was suffering from back pain. St. Michael’s College Rescue Service responded to the scene and transported the driver to Fletcher Allen Health Care.

•    On Jan. 11, during a snowy morning, fire crews responded to an accident scene on North Williston Road near Fay Lane. On the steep and narrow section of road, a Plymouth Neon spun out of control on the icy road surface and landed in a ditch. The driver complained of chest pains and St. Michael’s College Rescue Service arrived to transport the patient to Fletcher Allen Health Care.