Fire Log10/09/08

Oct. 9, 2008

Cheese factory fire

Fire crews spent a long night on Monday, Sept. 29 battling a major structure fire at the Saputo Cheese Factory in Hinesburg. Chief Ken Morton said the call went out at 9:30 p.m., immediately after the department’s monthly meeting. Hinesburg called Williston and five other departments to help fight the blaze. Eleven firefighters responded, along with Engine 3, Tower 1 and Car 1.

Morton said the fire crews “could see the glow of the fire” near the intersection of Routes 2A and 116 before arriving, and witnessed large flames near the junction of CVU Road.

Morton said Williston was given the bulk of the fire to put out, employing Tower 1 to pump “about 400,000 gallons of water” onto the flames. Morton also said the fire ignited hazardous materials that were on site. Firefighters and equipment that came in contact with the building underwent a thorough decontamination afterwards, he said.

Morton said crews were on scene for about six hours in helping Hinesburg deal with the town’s largest fire in years. He said it had been 10 years since Williston had been called to Hinesburg for assistance.

“They come to Williston if we need them and we’re happy to aid them when they need it,” Morton said.

Illegal burn

Fire crews responded to a report of an illegal burn, called in by Williston Police, occurring in a field along Oak Hill Road on Sept. 25 at 11:58 a.m. Fire Chief Ken Morton said wood-based materials were found to be burning without a permit. He said fire crews tried but were unable to find someone responsible for the burn.

Two firefighters responded to the call on Engine 1 and extinguished the burn. Morton said the case was referred to the local fire warden for further investigation.