Fire Log (7/16/09)

Car accident and arrest

Fire crews responded to a report of a two-car car accident in front of Town Hall at 4:44 p.m. on July 7. Crews discovered a 2007 BMW that had sustained rear bumper damage, but the car that allegedly hit the vehicle was nowhere to be found.


    Courtesy photo by Melanie Watson
Firefighters Jenn Dumont and Prescott Nadeau speak with Jeff Baker, the facility operations manager for ENPRO Services of Vermont Inc., while creating a preplan for the Williston business on Monday. A preplan, also called a pre-incident plan or pre-fire plan, is an emergency action plan created in advance of an actual fire or medical incident to facilitate a safe and accurate approach to all hazards associated with a building.

After determining that the driver and passengers of the BMW — a woman with two young children — had no injuries, firefighters and police officers began investigating the scene.

According to Williston Police Sgt. Scott Graham, police and fire officials discovered an impression of a license plate in the BMW’s bumper. Once the license plate numbers could be identified, police ran the information through their computers and were able to match a vehicle with what witnesses described as the alleged hit-and-run car. Witnesses also noted that the offending car’s airbags deployed in the accident.

Graham said police went to the vehicle owner’s house in South Burlington and confronted the driver when he returned home. Police then arrested William Andrus, 38, for felony DUI #3 and leaving the scene of an accident. Andrus refused to give a breathalyzer test to police.

Smoking car

On July 9 at 11:10 a.m., crews responded to the Interstate 89 south rest area for a reported car fire. Upon arrival, fire crews found smoke coming from a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant’s hood. The driver reported smoke coming from the car as she traveled down the highway near exit 12.

It was determined that oil had leaked over the engine and other parts of the car under the hood. Crews cleaned up the scene and the vehicle was towed from the rest area.

Firefighter Ryan Prouty said it was a good thing the driver pulled off the highway. If she had traveled any further, the engine may have caught fire.