Fire Department reminds residents of 911 sign ordinance1/29/09

Jan. 29, 2009

The Fire Department is reminding Williston residents that all structures in town must have correct 911 addresses displayed either in front of buildings or on a post at the entrance of a driveway.

The regulation comes in accordance with a town ordinance implemented in 2006. The ordinance is enforceable and residents can be fined if not compliant.

Firefighter Pierre Grangien said the numbers must be 4 inches high by 2 inches wide and unobstructed. He said the signs are necessary for fire and police crews to quickly identify the address they’ve been called to in the event of an emergency. The signs significantly reduce response time for emergency crews, especially ones that are green and made of a reflective metal.

“The green signs are reflective at night and we can pick them up right away,” Grangien said.

Grangien said other towns in Vermont and across the country have had great success in implementing similar sign ordinances.

“It’s a great help to fire departments and the police,” he said.

Grangien said residents can order the green reflective signs through the Fire Department, at 878-5622. The cost is $13.

— Tim Simard, Observer staff