Film shares Vermont farm kids’ stories

A scene from ‘Vermont Farm Kids: Rooted in the Land.’Observer courtesy photo

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont has released the film “Vermont Farm Kids: Rooted in the Land” for viewing on its website after a limited release last fall.

The documentary depicts the stories of kids and young adults who have grown up on Vermont farms. It was produced by Maria Reade and James Chandler.

“This film provides a unique opportunity to hear stories about what it is like growing up on a farm, leaving the farm and returning,” said NOFA Education Director Abbie Nelson. “It highlights how those experiences have shaped farm kids’ lives and the important role farm kids have in Vermont. (The film) brings a new understanding of their contribution to our agricultural state.”

To view or download the film, visit NOFA is also available to co-host public event screenings. Contact Misse Axelrod for assistance organizing a public screening at (802) 279-1548.