Fight for rights (4/2/09)

Observer photo by Greg Duggan
Protesters from Vermont Freedom to Marry criticize Gov. Jim Douglas last Thursday, a day after the governor announced he would veto a bill legalizing gay marriage if it is approved by the Legislature. Matt Kimball (from left), Hannah Hauser, Brenda Pitmon, Eilin Kuckro and Thomas Belrose held signs outside the offices of MicroStrain in Williston while Douglas was inside speaking about revitalizing the economy (see story below). ‘We want the governor to know there are hundreds and hundreds of Vermonters who feel the governor and the Legislature can do both’ said Kara DeLeonardis (not pictured), referring to the ability to focus on the economy and gay marriage legislation. DeLeonardis is the executive director of RU12? Community Center, which supports the rights of gay Vermonters.