Fashion year in review

Fashion meets high tech function. Find jeans that fit with smart leggings outfitted with sensors that send your measurements to an app via Bluetooth. Visit
Fashion meets high tech function. Find jeans that fit with smart leggings outfitted with sensors that send your measurements to an app via Bluetooth. Visit

By Sharon Mosley

Creators News Service

Ring in the new, but retire the old? Not so fast! Hang onto those pompom beanies. Here are some of the best fashion trends of 2016 that promise to still be around for the year ahead.

The year of virtual fashion. High tech met functional fashion this past year to get us all really connected to our clothes. Think computer chips in your sneakers that track all your moves, to smart leggings that take your measurements for jeans to body-scanning clothing tags that give you suggestions on how to style your outfits. Expect to see more and more tech-friendly fashion in 2017 like a denim jacket from Levi’s and Google that will add new meaning to just swipe and go.

The year of the boot. Yes, boots have been around for years, but in 2016, boots had an incredible year, becoming classic staples for the whole family. From ankle boots to platform midi boots to thigh-highs, boots will kick-start the new year. Try a fur-trimmed pair to really warm things up.

The year of velvet. Velvet was one of the big stars of 2016 for both men and women. Colorful pants, dresses, tunics and jackets added a chic touch to festive wardrobes. From shining metallic to inky blues, look for velvet to slink right into the  new year.

The year of embellishment. It was all about embroidery this year…on denim jeans and jackets, handbags and boots. Whether it was DIY patchwork or handstitched designer-inspired art, it was the extra details that gave clothes and accessories a unique touch. Minimalists need not apply. More was more.

The year of supersizing. Fashion designers went into overdrive this past year, creating roomy, oversized jackets, tops and sweaters. These slightly slouchy looks are the perfect way to ease into the chilly months of the new year. So get cozy while you can. But remember, swimsuit season is not far away.   

The year of flower power. Not since the ‘60s have we had so much fun with florals. Wearing them head to toe and mixing them all together in a riot of colors was one trend that continues to blossom into 2017. Take a chance and plant a few of these in your wardrobe in the spring season ahead.

The year of “bath-leisure.” The track suit pant may have morphed into office attire thanks to the “ath-leisure” trend, but pajamas and bath robes hit the streets as well as the runways. “Onesies,” even hit the cover of a magazine for the holiday season courtesy of Oprah Winfrey. So if you’re tired of your yoga pants, just relax and celebrate the  new year in your jammies.

The year of the cold shoulder. It had to be one of the “it” looks of the season. The top that bared the best of our erogenous zones was seen on the red carpet, at holiday parties and even on our First Lady, Michelle Obama, a style icon in her own right.

The year of the pantsuit. And speaking of political style savvy, Hillary Clinton proved that professional style is alive and well with her bold colorful pantsuits. So if flower power is not growing on you, take a chance with a stand-out pantsuit. You might get more votes than you ever dreamed.

The year of celebrating all shapes and sizes. It may be the best trend of all…when curvy supermodel Ashley Graham appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimwear issue in 2016, it was a super special moment. This plus-size model signaled a wave change in the fashion waters that hopefully will only gain more momentum in the year to come.