Energy committee work begins

Brick town hall of Williston Vermont

The newly formed Williston Energy Committee began the work of implementing the town’s Energy Plan this month and, with a positive vote at Town Meeting Day, will have a staff member in the town’s Planning and Zoning office to further its efforts. 

Last week, the selectboard approved a job description for an energy and community development planner and included the position in its budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget will be up for voter consideration at Tuesday’s Town Meeting Day election. 

The position will report to the planning director and attend energy committee meetings. Its duties include spearheading energy efficiency projects and recommending the best ways to increase renewable energy use and decrease fossil fuel use in heating, transportation and electricity.

The job description also has duties not specific to the energy plan, such as the general review of land development applications, managing affordable housing projects and “other programs designed for the betterment of the community.”

Meanwhile, the energy committee held its first meeting Feb. 2 and voted in Reed Parker as chair. The committee meets every other Wednesday at 6 p.m. The first two meetings have been held online over Zoom. 

When the committee met this Wednesday, its primary order of business was to review specific tasks in the energy plan related to energy efficiency in homes and businesses and promoting electric vehicles. 

— Jason Starr