Education Briefs (9/10/09)

Sept. 10, 2009

Spelling Bee test on Tuesday

Students in the upper houses of Williston Central School can try out for two Spelling Bee teams on Sept. 15.

The tests will take place in the school auditorium, and begin at 1:15 p.m. for fifth and sixth graders and 2 p.m. to seventh and eighth graders.

Each test consists of 30 words, 25 of which come from the Vermont Principals’ Association let. The lists are available in the school’s enrichment room, and online at

Each team will have six members. Last year’s seventh and eighth grade team captured the state championship.

For more information, contact Enrichment teacher Richard Allen at

Math League registration

Williston students who wish to register for the Continental Math League must do so by Sept. 25.

The league is administered by the Enrichment Program for students in grades two through eight, and provides students with math challenges beyond the classroom.

For students in grades four through eight, the league works in a competitive format. Five tests are given during the school year, from November through March. The meets last 30 minutes, during which time students work as individuals — without calculators — on six problems. Students with the two highest cumulative scores receive medals.

Students in second and third grade work in non-competitive practice groups.

The league is also seeking parent volunteers to work with small groups of students, preferably during school hours, on a weekly basis. The groups can begin in October for grades four through eight, and later for the younger grades. The school district’s Enrichment Program will provide materials and training.

Students can register for the league online at

Sample problems are available online at

For more information, contact Richard Allen at Williston Central School at or Betty Poirot at Allen Brook School at