Dustin King wins Outstanding Physical Educator

Williston Central School physical education teacher Dustin King has been named the 2021 Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year by SHAPE Vermont — the Society for Health and Physical Educators.

Dustin has taught in the Williston Schools for seven years. He was recognized for his respectful communication and collaboration with school staff, and his work expanding a Motor Learning Group that offers students pre-teaching and additional time working on skills and concepts in a smaller setting.  

In addition, King coaches, coordinates events and serves on committees and boards.

“Dustin teaches with enthusiasm, integrity and respect for students and our profession,” said fellow WCS physical education teacher Cathy Kohlasch. “He considers the social, emotional and physical well-being of our students every day. Most importantly, Dustin is a worker, an advocate, a voice of reason and a wonderful role model for the staff and students in our community.”