Dottie the book mobile is back

By Tim Simard
Observer staff
August 7, 2008

Dottie the Book Mobile's, "doctor" has pronounced her recovered and she has returned home.  She will be back to work on August 5.  We've decided to extend her season to September 11.  Thank you to all those kids who donated their allowances and ice cream money and their parents.  We have collected over $450 in the drop jar to date toward her recovery. The Friends of the Library also generously donated $2,500 towards the repair of Dottie the Book Mobile.  The remainder of the funds will come from our appropriation from the Town of St. George and previous donations not yet ear-marked for projects.

Contributed photo

The book mobile schedule follows: 

St. George Villa 5:15 pm, Brennan Woods 5:50 pm, Pleasant Acres 6:20 pm, Sunrise Drive 6:45 pm        

South Ridge Pool 5:15 pm, Maple Tree Place 5:45 pm, Wildflower Circle 6:15 pm, Ledgewood Dr. 6:45 pm 

Stirrup Circle 5:15, Lefebvre Lane 5:45 pm, Golf Links 6:15 pm, Porterwood Dr. 6:45 pm