CVU launches Williston express bus1/15/09

Jan. 15, 2009

By Tim Simard

Observer staff

Champlain Valley Union High School will soon be offering a non-stop, express bus from Williston to the high school’s Hinesburg campus.

Beginning on Monday, Jan. 25, CVU will run two buses from Williston Town Hall to the school. The buses will depart at 7:45 a.m. and arrive at the high school around 8:05 a.m.

CVU Transportation Director Ken Martin said the Williston express run will be a pilot program to see if there’s enough interest and ridership to create express buses for Charlotte and Shelburne. He said one of the main reasons for the timing of the run was to give students who don’t start their school day until the second block a chance to go into school a little later.

“I think it’ll make sense for a lot of students who don’t need to be (at school) so early,” Martin said.

Initially, Martin said, two buses would be sent to Town Hall in the chance there are more riders than one 84-passenger bus can accommodate. He said it would be a “good showing” if both buses were full from the onset, although he’s not sure how many students will turn up in the first weeks of the program.

“We’re just going to see how it goes,” Martin said.

Bob Mason, chief operations officer for Chittenden South Supervisory Union, told the CVU School Board at its Monday meeting that the express bus could change the way high school busing works. Both Martin and Mason said they’d know more as the semester rolls along.

“We’re well away from knowing the amount of interest there is,” Mason said.

Martin said the buses would travel the length of Oak Hill Road to CVU in its 20-minute run.

For more information on the service, contact Martin at or 482-7120.