CVU gymnastics team heading to Randolph

Observer photos by Al Frey

CVU Gymnstcs vs_153 St Jay 02Feb16 Jackie Casson

Senior team captain Jackie Casson springs from the vault; Madeline Serafina concentrates while on the uneven bars; Grace Viscito performs a move on the beam; Asiana Giubardo finishes a move on the beam; Julia Higa leaps during her floor performance.

CVU Gymnstcs vs_008 St Jay 02Feb16 Madeline Serafina

CVU Gymnstcs vs_204 St Jay 02Feb16 Grace Viscito

CVU Gymnstcs vs_304 St Jay 02Feb16 Asiana Giubardo

CVU Gymnstcs vs_418 St Jay 02Feb16 Julia Higa

The Champlain Valley Union High gymnastics team will travel to Ranolph for its next event—the penultimate meet of the season. On Tuesday, it took on St. Johnsbury at home.