Closing the loop

S.D. Ireland wins bid for Old Stage Road sidewalk, water line construction

By Luke Baynes

Observer staff

This stretch of Old Stage Road is scheduled for construction of a sidewalk to connect Wildflower Circle with the small piece of sidewalk constructed several years ago in front of Adams Farm Market. Completion of the project, scheduled for Sept. 1, will complete the ‘loop’ from Old Stage, Williston, North Williston and Mountain View roads, and make it safer for pedestrians and drivers. (Observer photo by Marianne Apfelbaum)

Any Williston walker or runner knows the drill.

Traveling “the loop” formed by Old Stage, Williston, North Williston and Mountain View roads is smooth sailing on pedestrian-friendly sidewalks until one hits the bare stretch on Old Stage, between Mountain View and Wildflower Circle, and has to contend with traffic on the road’s slim shoulder.

Those days will soon be over.

According to Williston Director of Public Works Bruce Hoar, the town issued a notice of award to S.D. Ireland for the construction of the missing link of the sidewalk. Although a formal contract has yet to be signed, S.D. Ireland’s winning bid of $343,880 also includes the cost of building an extension to the town water line that runs along Old Stage Road.

Like the completion of the sidewalk loop, the water line extension will have the effect of looping the area’s water system, thus decreasing the number of affected customers should a water line break occur. In the longer term, it will improve Williston’s overall water line infrastructure, should the town construct a new water storage tank on one of two proposed sites in the vicinity of Old Stage and Mountain View roads.

The sidewalk and water line projects, which will run concurrently, are slated to begin construction in early May, with a Sept. 1 deadline for completion.

Hoar said that while the projects will likely require flaggers and one-lane traffic during certain periods of construction, at no point will traffic be shut down entirely on Old Stage Road.