Car accident hospitalizes long-time resident

Observer staff report

A car accident last week near Williston’s village area put Art “Tut” Tuthill, 90, into hospital intensive care.

His wife Mary Tuthill, 77, said her husband is recovering from the accident that aggravated his congestive heart failure. Mary said she did not suffer injuries, though she still can feel the contusions from the seat belt.

The couple was returning home from a cardiac rehabilitation appointment for Art at roughly 2:30 p.m. last Wednesday when Mary fell asleep at the wheel, she said.

Police reports indicate the vehicle veered off Williston Road, near the top of Monastery Hill, and crashed down an embankment on the south side of the road. The vehicle landed precariously on the passenger side. Several passers-by and members of the Williston Fire Department helped the vehicle from rolling over further onto its hood, according to the police report. Fire department personnel assisted Mary out of the car through the rear, and later removed her husband through the same door.

Mary said she expects her husband to be released from the hospital this week, though he may require rehabilitation assistance.

The families of their daughter who lives in Essex Junction and a son who lives in New Hampshire have been assisting on the farm since last week’s accident, Mary said. The couple has five children, three of whom live far away.

Art and Mary Tuthill celebrated their 57th anniversary on Wednesday, June 6. The couple has lived in Williston for 55 years.