Brennan Woods grows arborists (6/25/09)

June 25, 2009

Since last fall, the Brennan Woods Street Tree Pruning Crew has volunteered to maintain the health and beauty of trees on local streets as part of the Pruning Initiative for Neighborhood Trees, or PINT. A recently released final grant report based on the Brennan Woods Crew indicates that the project was a success and is ready to move forward in other neighborhoods without further grant money.

With grant funding from Trees for Local Communities, which is part of the Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Program, Williston conducted an inventory in 2005 finding that 96 percent of public trees would benefit from pruning. Since Public Works could not tackle the task alone, PINT was created in 2007 as a Community Forestry Plan calling upon local volunteers.

PINT meets for two days a year in the spring and fall and provides pruning equipment and a free training workshop.

The Brennan Woods Crew consists of 11 neighborhood volunteers and five professional volunteers, and has pruned 95 trees over 139 hours during last fall and this spring. The crew still has 344 more trees to prune.

To volunteer this fall, contact Town Planner Jessica Andreoletti at 878-6704.

— Ben Portnoy, Observer correspondent