Breaking Point

There comes a time at which you simply have to say, “You can’t be serious.” Well, the recent discussion about “affordable housing” has certainly reached that point with me.

First, how can any civil servant, aka an elected official, possibly state that affordable housing is the largest issue facing the town of Wiliston? Yes, that is a question and I as a taxpayer would like an answer. At what point did it become the responsibility of taxpayers to artificially manipulate the cost of renting or buying a place to live within a certain geographic boundary so as to appease some random desire to satiate diversity? Look no further than Maple Tree Place, which was built as a means to allow lower income households access to the “entitled and privileged” town of Williston. The result is nearly constant complaining that the area chosen is not acceptable, and in some bizarre rant, is construed as being racist. Is Maple Tree Place some unspoken interment camp for “protected classes” in Vermont that we are not being made aware of? I can tell you this, I have gone from living in squalor to the comforts of a nice home and I can guarantee you that it had NOTHING to do with my racial, religious or sexual orientation. I worked hard, often in excess of 100 hours a week and never blamed “the system” for my position in life. I have not, nor ever will, allow myself to be labeled as a “protected class.”

Rest assured, if the push towards turning Williston into something it was never intended to be, there will be a lot more “For Sale” signs.

Tony O’Rourke

Williston School Board seeks input

The Williston School Board is holding two community forums in November, both on Thursday, Nov. 12, at Williston Central School in the music room, located off the main lobby. The first meeting is the annual budget forum that begins at 6 p.m. This forum provides an opportunity for voters to raise questions about our school funding and to identify their priorities, all of which will help the Board as it works with our school’s administrators on putting together the 2016-2017 budget for voters approval in March.

The second forum, which will begin immediately following the budget forum, will focus on Act 46. Residents will receive a brief overview of Act 46 and the Study Committee efforts underway in our supervisory union to evaluate options for merging the five towns in the CSSU into one school district.This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the process and provide your input.

Lastly, as the Williston School Board begins this year’s budget preparation season, we would like to reach out to community members who are interested in serving as budget buddies. Our Board has received valuable assistance from budget buddies in past years. These individuals work side-by-side with the Board as we review and make decisions about the 2016-2017 school budget. The time commitment is only three evenings in November and December. If you are interested, please email Kevin Mara at

We look forward to seeing you on Nov. 12. The Scholastic Book Fair will be open for business that night as well in the dining room at Williston Central School!

Kevin Mara
Williston School Board

Williston Republicans meet

Williston Republicans will be meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 4 beginning at 7 p.m. in the Community Room at the Williston Police station. Anyone interested in supporting Republican principles and candidates is welcomed to attend. For information, contact Bret Powell at 878-1500.

Bret Powell