Board sets goals for school year

Aug. 19, 2010

By Greg Duggan
Observer staff

With the start of the 2010-2011 school year approaching at the end of the month, the Williston School Board has a set of four goals to pursue.

At its annual retreat earlier this month, the board chose four goals for the year: technology, communication, action planning and board to school connections.

School Board Chairwoman Holly Rouelle said the goals stemmed from a discussion with District Principal Walter Nardelli about the school district’s initiatives. When Nardelli asked if the School Board had any goals for the year, ideas ensued.

Board member Darlene Worth suggested the technology piece, Rouelle said. The goal involves knowing what types of computers are in use at other schools, and using technology available through laptop and desktop computers at the school. Rouelle said it was about “staying up to date with 21st century learning skills.”

“Communication is ongoing from last year,” Rouelle said, “it was a recommendation from the work with the (Williston Conceptual) Frameworks Committee.”

The committee was a group of teachers, administrators, parents and community members that formed to issue recommendations about the reconfiguration of the school district, which included a directive to improve communication with the community.

“We felt it’s an area we can always improve on,” Rouelle said, adding that the board plans to continue writing Letters to the Editor and posting information on the school website.

Action planning, Rouelle said, is to make sure the board is held accountable and pursues initiatives laid out in the school district’s action plan. The Observer could not obtain a copy of the school’s plan prior to press deadline.

Rouelle suggested the goal of board to school connections. The board wants to have more meetings at the school, perhaps set up as morning coffee chats, where people in the school could converse with board members.

“We’re trying to improve visibility and transparency as a board,” Rouelle said.