Board elects leaders3/19/09

March 19, 2009

The Selectboard has re-elected Terry Macaig as chairman and Jeff Fehrs as vice chairman.

At its March 9 session, the five-member board voted unanimously to maintain the existing leadership.

Fehrs is the longest-serving board member, having been on the board since 1998 and a vice chairman for the past three years. He works for the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Macaig has served for seven years on the Selectboard and for three years as its chairman. He is a retired state employee who also represents Williston in the Vermont House.

Macaig said it is “not a problem” juggling his legislative duties with the extra work that comes with chairing the Selectboard.

Williston’s town charter requires the Selectboard to elect a chair and a vice chair each year.

— Greg Elias, Observer staff