Beautiful days in the neighborhood

By Elizabeth Young

Our neighborhood, Golf Links, always loved the themed suggestions for the annual Williston Fourth of July Parade. As soon as school let out for the year, the kids and I would head into the Town Clerk’s office to inquire about what the theme would be.

Once we had the theme, we would loosely talk about it amongst the other neighborhood kids, and before you knew it, we were “all in” as they say. Parents, teenagers and even the youngest members of our neighborhood pitched in for a 1-2 week scramble of gathering decorations, Salvation Army runs and dumpster dives at the SuperStore for cardboard.

These photos were of the theme “Decades in America” — or something like that. We chose the ‘60s. We had President John F. Kennedy with his wife Jackie and my daughter Andrea dressed as little Caroline. The older kids dressed as hippie protesters of the Vietnam War, and we had other adults such as Dan Beaton all decked out for a lunar landing on the moon. Mr. Spock from the Star Trek episodes even showed up.  

You may wonder why there was a huge teddy bear sitting on top of the rocket ship — well, the kids just had to have the bear from the Salvation Army.

Although we may have missed out on being spectators of the parade, being participants was even better. I guess the kids maybe even learned a bit of history by getting into character, what it means to be a neighborhood and working together for a shot at the coveted Blue Ribbon.

Many of the neighbors of Golf Links have now moved away, but we still reminisce on social media about the Williston neighborhood parades.