Around Town (8/13/09)

Aug. 13, 2009

Town conducts sewer test

The town of Williston will test sewer lines next week by using smoke to locate leaks.

The Public Works Department, with assistance of the Vermont Rural Water Association inspection crews, will conduct a survey in the following locations: North Williston Road, Lefebvre Lane, Fairway Drive, Hillcrest Lane, Tamarack Drive, Spruce Lane, Michael Lane, Ian Place, Gov. Chittenden Road, Mountain View Road, Pleasant Acres Drive and Jensen Road.

The survey will involve opening manholes, then blowing a non-toxic smoke through lines to locate breaks and defects. Officials said the tests will help the town reduce sewer system operating costs.

The smoke, which may be seen coming from vent stacks on buildings or holes in the ground, is non-toxic and creates no fire hazard, officials said. Smoke should not enter homes unless plumbing is defective or drain traps have dried up. Residents with seldom-used drains should pour water into the drain in advance of the testing dates outlined below.

Correction of leaks on private property is the responsibility of the owner. A licensed plumber should be consulted.

The survey should begin on Wednesday, Aug. 19 and will require three days for fieldwork. For questions or if you observe smoke in your home, call 878-1239 or 373-6004.

Business uses Facebook to benefit Lund

In an effort to support local community families, Williston-based Windows and Doors By Brownell will make a $1 donation to the Lund Family Center of Burlington for every Facebook fan it gets.

The Lund Family Center focuses on strengthening families, reducing child abuse and neglect and helping to create new families through adoption. Its mission is to help children thrive.

According to a press release, “Windows & Doors By Brownell is happy to assist Lund in achieving this goal and feels that strong families are the basis of a strong community.”

The Williston business will make donations for every Facebook fan it receives until Aug. 31 or until it raises $1,000.