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Water, sewer bills sent

The Town of Williston water and sewer bills have been mailed and are due by Sept. 30. Payments can be made at the town clerk’s office by check or cash at 7900 Williston Road.

Winooski Conservation District Looking to Improve Streamside Buffers

Earlier this year, the Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District received funding from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Ecosystem Restoration Program for a project aimed at improving streamside riparian buffers throughout the Winooski River watershed. Riparian buffers are an important component of riverine ecosystems and serve many functions, from pollutant mitigation to stream bank stabilization.

“Establishing or maintaining a forested buffer should be a top priority for any landowner adjacent to a stream, river or lake,” says Justin Kenney, district manager of the WNRCD. “When you look at aerial photographs taken after Tropical Storm Irene, it’s very obvious that places lacking significant forested buffers had a lot more scour than areas where buffers were well established. In a flood situation, native trees and shrubs hold the soil together, slow rushing water, and catch debris. It’s a natural form of flood mitigation.”

WNRCD is looking to plant a minimum of five acres of forested riparian buffer this year and are partnering with interested landowners who see a need on their river, lake or streamside property

For more information, call 828-4493, ext. 11 or email