Around Town (4/1/10)

April 1, 2010


Town Clerk departing for active duty

April 1 is Deb Beckett’s last day at the town offices for what she called the “foreseeable future.” The longtime town clerk and treasurer will join her Vermont National Guard unit in South Burlington full-time.

Beckett declined to comment on what her Guard duties will be, whether she will be deployed overseas or how long she will be gone.

The Observer reported in January that Beckett was likely to deploy to Iraq with a Vermont Army National Guard air ambulance unit, though a Guard spokesman said at the time that those plans could change.

Assistant Treasurer Kathy Boyden and Assistant Town Clerk Kathy Smardon will take over Beckett’s duties, as they did when Beckett was deployed to Kuwait in 2004.

“It’s not going to change a lot,” Beckett said of the ability of the staff to serve the public during her absence.

Beckett plans to run for re-election next year for town clerk and treasurer, positions she has held for 11 years.

“We wish her and her family the best during her deployment. We are praying for her safe return,” Town Manager Rick McGuire said.


Ambulance service scheduled

Williston’s new ambulance service is set to begin July 1, Town Manager Rick McGuire informed the Selectboard last week. McGuire said the “moving parts” of the service had been identified, and he provided a chart detailing the implementation schedule for various components of the ambulance service.

The controversial new service was approved at Town Meeting Day last month when voters passed the municipal budget, which included the ambulance service.


Williston resident endorsed by McCain

Chris Roy, a Williston Selectboard member and candidate for secretary of state, has won an endorsement from one of the nation’s most recognizable Republicans.

“I’ve know Chris for over 10 years. He is a man of great integrity who has illustrated a passion for reform. Vermont would be fortunate to have him as their next secretary of state,” Arizona Sen. John McCain said in his endorsement, according to a press release from Roy.

Roy was McCain’s presidential campaign manager in Vermont for the 2008 election.