Around Town

Bills mailed

The town has mailed water, sewer and stormwater bills. Bills are due Sept. 30.

State to study Route 2A

After a request from the town of Williston, the state is evaluating the speed limit on Route 2A. The state will make a recommendation to the Traffic Safety Committee at its next meeting, set for Oct. 22.

The town asked the state to determine what speed limit would be appropriate after a resident requested that the speed limit be lowered.

Meadow Run bridge to be built

The town received bids for the construction of a bridge across the Allen Brook near the Meadow Run neighborhood. The lowest bid came in at approximately $458,000—$340,000 under budget.

Construction could begin in a month, and is expected to be completed by July 2016.

Board approves bylaws

The Selectboard recently approved changes to five town bylaws.

It approved the creation of the Gateway Zoning District West and restaurants as an accessory use in the town’s three industrial zoning districts.

It also approved changes that would allow buildings up to 52 feet high in the Business Park Zoning District if they include affordable housing and/or a parking garage, as well as changes to the Mixed Use Commercial Zoning District and the Taft Corners Zoning District, both of which are in Taft Corners, that would modify allowed design elements, tweaking the criteria developers must meet to build in those areas.