Around Town

Food drive

The Williston Community Food Shelf will hold a food drive on Election Day, Nov. 4, at the Williston Armory. Residents can drop of monetary donations and non-perishable food items at a table that will be set up while the polls are open.

Dottie off the road

Dottie the Bookmobile, the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library’s latest bookmobile, has been retired and will not return to the streets of Williston, said Marti Fiske, library director.

“Dottie just became too run down and rusted out to continue service,” Fiske said.

Dottie, a retired 1991 diesel school bus, would have required major work to be safe and pass inspection. The bookmobile has extensive undercarriage rust, the rear axle is leaking, two pairs of rear tires need replacing and brake lines need to be replaced, among other issues.

“If we can purchase a new, slightly larger vehicle, this is an excellent opportunity for improved bookmobile service and will make outreach to seniors more efficient,” Fiske said.

A new bookmobile would cost $78,000, and the library is hoping to raise some of the amount through donations.

A new bookmobile could save staff hours by using a permanent adult collection on roll-out book carts. Currently, a staff member spends about four hours a week pulling 100 books from the collection, bagging them, taking them to seniors, re-bagging them and re-shelving them.

The library could also have books available for the parents while the bookmobile visits neighborhoods in the summer.

The library could also expand bookmobile service to Williston daycare centers year round.

“We figure that we could reach up to 425 children a month with visits,” Fiske said. “Daycares could check out books for in-house use while the children’s librarian provides a reading activity to the children.”

The new bookmobile would also have a wheelchair lift. The library has children on its current routes who need to be lifted out of their chairs and carried onto the bus for service. The wheelchair lift could also be used by seniors during the summer months and would allow library staff to roll carts into the senior communities during all seasons.

To learn more or make a donation toward a new bookmobile, contact the library at 878-4918 or visit