Advantages of a teen center

Eli Rodd

Grade 8

The advantages of having a Teen Center are that teens could go there and have a good time and hang out with their friends. It would offer computers for gaming, televisions for watching movies and video-game systems. It would also have board games, card games and books that teens can use with their friends. Food would also be available for a small price. It would also have sports for people to do.


Francis Vigoreaux

Grade 8

My Williston Teen Center would have to be in an available place that students and teens can walk or bike to. I think that the teen center should be a place where teens can relax and have fun, without worrying about parents and adults watching their every move. This teen center would have to have an age limit so that only teenagers could enter.

But this teen center would have a boys’ side and a girls’ side with a place for both groups in the middle of the building. This would allow for the boys to be rowdy and (slightly) destructive, without disrupting the girls in whatever activities they may be doing. Also, the middle room for both groups allows for boys with friends that are girls or vice versa to hangout in a cool, relaxed environment.


Julia Bryant

Grade 8

The advantages of having a teen community center are: we could make new friends, we could have conversations there, it could be a place for kids to go after school, and it could just a place for people to hang out. I think it should be a malt shop in the summer and a warm drink/bakery shop in the winter. I think the teens of Williston would use it, and someone who liked to be with kids and wants to make money would run it. The schools in Williston could raise money and get help from the town board.



Kid Center in Williston

Abby Lord

If I could, I would build a kid center in Williston. I would welcome kids ages 3-18 years old. The center would be divided into sections by age and by gender. I would supply clean clothes, food, clean water, warm shelter and a comfy place to sleep. We would welcome in kids and teens that are in situations of poverty, their parents can’t pay for their house and nowhere close by to live, or don’t have a good home. We also would have section for the parents to stay, too.