A Valentine’s Day story 43 years in the making

Feb. 10, 2011

By Tim Simard
Observer staff
Scott Young and Williston resident Louise Putnam have reunited and will get married in May. (Observer photo by Tim Simard)

In 1968 at age 5, little Louise Putnam knew she would marry Scott Young.

But she didn’t know it would have to wait 43 years.

It was love at first sight for Putnam when she attended kindergarten with Young at a small school in rural Roscoe, N.Y. She liked Young’s carefree laugh and wide smile so much that she chased him around the classroom trying to steal a kiss. Once Putnam caught Young’s eye, she never wanted to leave his side. Young’s mother found

Young and Putnam first met in kindergarten 43 years ago. (Courtesy photo)

it so endearing that she recorded the relationship in his baby book, calling Putnam a “lovely little girl.” Little Louise even told Young’s mother, “I’m going to marry Scott someday.”

That “someday” will be in May, when the couple plans to get married.

“I’ve said this before, but there really is something comforting about sharing your life with someone you’ve known for 43 years,” Young said.

Putnam and Young reconnected on the social networking website Facebook, and rekindled their schoolyard romance. Putnam, now a Williston resident, and Young, who lives in Milton, said their newfound relationship seems like something out of a movie to their friends.

If not for Facebook, the happy union might not have occurred. Friends urged Putnam and Young to join the site in 2008. Through Facebook, they contacted each other and – much to their surprise – found they both lived in the Champlain Valley. When they saw each other for the first time since parting ways in high school in 1981, the renewed friendship turned into romance.

Finding love proved unexpected. Both divorced and raising children from earlier marriages, another relationship was not something to which they gave much thought.

“The funny thing is neither of us were interested in a relationship,” Putnam said. “And we were friends more than anything back in school. We never dated then.”

By Young’s account, the relationship progressed quickly and, before long, he asked Putnam to marry him. Soon after, their friends urged them to enter a local marriage contest. Star 92.9’s morning radio show, Live with Nolan and Tara, ran a contest for couples to share their most romantic love stories. The winning couple would get married live on the air this Valentine’s Day.

Putnam and Young were among five couples narrowed down from 70 that participated in an Internet vote last week. Despite losing, they enjoyed lobbying friends and family, mostly via Facebook, to vote for them on the radio station’s website. The contest also helped spread word of their upcoming nuptials.

“More than anything, it was so much fun,” Putnam said.

Their children and relatives are excited for the upcoming wedding, which will be a small event. After that, they hope to make their home in Williston. Young is a government analyst in town and Putnam serves on Williston’s Community Justice Board.

The happy couple continues to laugh and reminisce about school life in Roscoe, but plans on even more unforgettable moments of joy in their marriage in Vermont.

“Our lives have taken such turns,” Young said. “And this, for us, is really only the beginning.”