A special family tradition you look foward to

Write about a special family tradition you look forward to.

Henry Eaton

Grade 3

A special family tradition I look forward to and love is Kennebunkport, Maine. I love going to Maine because of the beach to swim in waves. I also get to see my cousins Samuel, Calvin, Auntie Jill and Uncle Justin.


Julie Lamorey

Grade 3

My family’s special tradition is Hannaka. We light the Menorah each of the 8 nights. We say the blessing. Sometimes we get presents. It’s like Christmas but we only get a few presents. I always look forward to the next Hannaka from the day it ends. That’s a special family tradition.


Kerrigan Westbay

Grade 4

A special tradition is for Easter every year we go down to my Grandpa’s house and find eggs and do baskets. That is a special tradition my family does every year and is very special.

Jared Kartschoke

Grade 4

My family’s tradition is when I am at home, my aunt’s or my grandma’s house we sometimes make govadales.  Govadales are my mom’s mom’s tradition. Govadales is dough (shaped in a U) with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Then cook them in boiling water (like pasta). Then you strain it, then you pour marinara or butter sauce on it. That is my tradition.


Tristan Pillsbury

Grade 4

I’m looking forward to hunting for Easter eggs.
Bridget Merchant

Grade 4

I am looking forward to going to an Easter service for church with my family.