Letters to the Editor

Time for Bernie
We can trust Bernie Sanders to defend the government programs hard working people have spent years establishing. Bernie shows disapproval, even at times anger, against the agenda of the super wealthy attempting to turn the country over. Senator Sanders is a fine senator, he connects closely with the people he represents, he stands firm in his ideas and he approves of President Obama’s moderation in military matters. And Bernie saying “Thank God!” (for Obama) is in perfect accordance with the founding fathers design of separation of church and state, meant to protect the holy church from the power of kings. I am for the first time in years eager about a coming election and to see what fine candidates emerge to help us keep our homeland secure, our cities safe and well- zoned and our counties lush and green. We will see who God sets over us in the next presidential election.
Samuel Teasdale

Bernie not right for America
In January 1972, I went to Montpelier to a public service board hearing. There were representatives from all the utilities in the state at the hearing. There was also a rather disheveled man there with a whole busload of welfare recipients (who paid for the bus I don’t know). This unkempt man with no tie and uncombed hair was pushing for basically free utilities for all. He looked like a bum. He still is a bum, but now he wears a tie and does comb his hair. He is a United States senator, thinking of running for president. We have a community organizer now as president—how is that working out for you? Is our great country gone or can we save it?
Ralph M. McGregor