25th anniversary issue: Old March news from Williston (3/25/10)

March 25, 2010

• In 1995, actor David Hyde Pierce, who played Niles on the hit sitcom “Frasier,” was the celebrity guest at the Stern Center’s Oscar Night benefit on March 27. His sister-in-law, Pam Pierce, was chairwoman of the benefit committee.

“It’s a good cause,” David Hyde Pierce said at the time.

The event raised $8,000 for the nonprofit organization.

• The Snyder Companies received conceptual approval in 1995 for a 174-lot subdivision of James Brennan’s property off Mountain View Road. That subdivision went on to become the Brennan Woods neighborhood.


    File photo
Deb Beckett is sworn in as Williston's town clerk during a ceremony in Kuwait in 2005. Beckett was serving in Kuwait as a member of the Vermont National Guard.

• The Williston/Richmond Rotary Club formed in 1995.

• Ken Bessette Sr., author of the “I Remember When” column in the Williston Whistle, was feted at a party at the paper’s offices in 2000 for his 94th birthday.

Bessette’s secret to a long and happy life: “Just love everybody!” he said.

• At Town Meeting 2000, residents agreed to vote on future school budgets via Australian ballot. The vote passed 228-166.

Mike Coates, upon walking up to the Thomas Chittenden statue in Montpelier, said, “I swear I saw a tear in his eye.”

• In 2005, Deb Beckett was sworn in as town clerk during a ceremony in Kuwait. Beckett, who serves in the Vermont National Guard, had notary Mary Griswold swear her in and faxed the document to Williston Town Hall. Beckett may soon be deployed again, this time to Iraq.