May 27, 2018

Young Writers Project: Vermont Writes Day

More than 95 schools across Vermont and New Hampshire participated in Young Writers Project’s annual Vermont Writes Day, taking just seven minutes on Feb. 13 to write. This week, we publish writing in response to the Vermont Writes Day prompt: “Write as many six-word stories as you can!” Read more at

Young Writers Project is an independent nonprofit that engages students to write, helps them improve and connects them with authentic audiences through the Newspaper Series and and the Schools Project


Six-word stories

By Cassidy Frost

Grade 6, Williston Central School

Penguins are my favorite animal ever.

Stella likes to eat carrots alot.

Pink is the best color ever.

I love skiing in the winter.

Someday kids will rule the world.

Don’t ever live in the past.

True beauty lives on the inside.


By Maggie Warren 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

I play four sports year round.

I like kiwi but I’m allergic.

I want summer to be here.

I snowboard but I fall alot.

My brother can’t sing at all.

My brother is in the musical.

He’s the lead in the play.

My favorite author is Patricia Polacco.

I don’t like carrot juice, bleh.

Biking is the best feeling ever.

My friends are weird and sweet.


By Tyler Harrington

Grade 6, Williston Central School

I like to eat ice cream.

I like to go hunting deer.

I like to go snowmobiling, too.

By Callahan Freeman 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

The dog runs in the meadow.

The stars can’t get farther out.

When you fall, get back up.

Flowers can only bloom with happiness.

Friends can come in many ways.

New life grows when things sprout.

People are people, deal with it.

Only life can bring the lemons.

Boy, it’s great when snow falls.


Upcoming prompts

The following Young Writers Project prompts are coming up in the next few months. To see the prompt photos in full size and color, visit



What’s your spirit animal—the one animal you think represents you best? What does that mean for you? Alternate: Rhymes. Write about anything or anyone in rhyme. Due March 14.



What gives them to you? Tell a story about the first time you got them. Alternates: Graffiti. Is it art or vandalism? Make your case. Or Photo 7. Due March 21.



Describe an epic journey—real or imagined. Alternates: Share. Write about something that only you and a sibling or friend share—a goofy sense of humor, an unforgettable experience, a secret? Or, General writing in any genre. Due March 28.



Write about any kind of pressure—social, school, making the team or simply the physical sensation of pressure (like diving underwater). Alternates: Six words. Write a complete story in just six words, create as many as you can. Or, Photo 8. Due April 4.



Write a monologue of a person who is troubled or conflicted about something. Reach a resolution. Alternate: Fantastic. Begin a story or poem with this line: I stepped out of the door into a bright, fantastic, new world. Due April 11.



Create a new color—name it, describe it. Where do we find it? Alternates: Early. Are you an early bird or a late owl? Which way is better? Or, Photo 9. Due April 18.



Write about a piece of your childhood that you’d like to keep as you approach adulthood. Alternate: General writing in any genre. Due April 25.



Begin a story with this line: They sat without a word to say to each other… Alternate: Gibberish. Ever read “Jabberwocky”? Write a poem of nonsense and made-up words. Make your reader laugh! Due May 2.



Write about a time when you really understood the idea of consequences. Alternates: 48 hours. If you had 48 hours to do anything or go anywhere you liked, what would you do? Or, Bully. Write a letter to a bully. Due May 9.


Begin a story with this line: It was my last chance to… Alternates: Telepathy. You have the power to telepathically place an image in every human’s mind. What would it be? What do you want to tell them? Or, Photo 10. Due May 16.



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