April 26, 2017

Young Writers Project selections

Students responded to a prompt to use this photo of tower 22 at Mad River Glen, looking east to write about winter. (Photo by Jet Lowe, 2006, Library of Congress)

Students responded to a prompt to use this photo of tower 22 at Mad River Glen, looking east to write about winter. (Photo by Jet Lowe, 2006, Library of Congress)

Young Writers Project is an independent nonprofit that engages students to write, published by this newspaper and 21 others. This week, we publish responses to the prompt “I like…Make a list of the things you like” and a prompt asking students to use a photo, available at www.willistonobserver.com, to write about winter in Vermont.


Snow and Sleds

By Matt Trifaro

Grade 5, Williston Central School

Winter here is lots of snow.

Winter here is full of sleds.

Winter is a skiing time.

Winter is hot chocolate everywhere.

Winter is at the mountains.

Winter is bringing out the shovels.

Winter is the season where you see red noses on all the kids.
Winter is snowball fights everywhere (except during school).

Winter is snow gear time.

Winter is smiles all around.



By Reagan Dufresne

Grade 5, Williston Central School

Oh winter, oh winter

You fill me with joy

You bring cheer to the poor little girls and the poor little boys

When you’re around everyone wants to be around you

You bring us closer to that special place they call home

I watch as you sparkle, touch the spirits of our hearts

But I ask you how?

How do you lift our spirits

When all we do is throw trash on you?

If only the world would realize what we have.

Oh, I love you, winter and I cry when you go.

Winter, oh winter, I will miss you so.


I Like… 

By Naomi Diamond 

Grade 5, Williston Central School 

Times when I’m happy

Things that bring me joy

Places that make my imagination grow

Times when I’m with my whole family

Things that make me excited to do again after stopping

Places that make me feel as if I’m in a movie

Things like a big snowstorm happening right this second

Places like here, when I sit back and enjoy my surroundings

Times like right now when I can type this list of things I like


I Like… 

By Sophie Beliveau 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

I like the song the crickets sing on the warm nights of summer

I like the snow that tickles my cheeks like little fingers in the winter

I like the way the sky blushes at sundown as if it were embarrassed

I like the sound of my friends laughing together in the middle of a silent classroom

I like the hot sand at the beach when it feels like the earth is angry

I like the sound of the clouds crying

I like the feeling of safety of being snuggled up in a warm blanket during a thunderstorm

I like the feeling of accomplishment after scoring a goal in soccer

I like the sound of the ocean whispering its unheard secrets


What I like

By Aidan Johnson 

Grade 6, Williston Central School 

I like sports

I like forts

I like the donuts that are glazed of some sort

I like Mike and Ikes

Do you like Mike and Ikes

I like watching the guys on motorbikes

I like board games

I like lions

Because of their manes

I like snow

I like cookie dough

I like anyone who never says no

I like the smell of May

Or a beautiful spring day

I like golf tees

But not bees

But most importantly

I like me


  1. youngvt says:

    I am writing in response to Mr. Hoxworth’s article on transportation costs for the poor in Vermont. I would like to suggest further research on this topic before we simply just give another handout or tax credit. The poor, may, have a higher disproportionate burden on their transportation costs than the wealthier residents of Vermont; however, they also have a lower disproportionate burden on taxes and housing. Pick your evil.
    We can simply just give every poor Vermonter an energy efficient car, gas card, free tuition, renter’s rebate, etc.…but the only way out of poverty is through the combination of education, hard work, and discipline. Education and degrees are not handed out or purchased; a person has to EARN them. This seems to be the only way out of poverty—sorry, there are no shortcuts.
    If we continue this trend of enabling, our entire state will be a welfare state.

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